Booker T. Comments on Hogan

As we all know, Hulk Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame over this past weekend and many current and retired people in the industry have shared their thoughts on the matter. Booker T. was the latest person to comment on this and did so during Sean Waltman’s X-PAC 12360 podcast. Booker’s comments on the matter are found below.

“The thing is when people say stuff behind closed doors… I’m sure you’ve said things behind closed doors [direct to Waltman], I’m sure everyone in that room has said stuff behind closed doors that they’d never say in public. Why is the person taping your conversation? They’re obviously looking to get something out of it. You gotta look at it from that perspective as well. You don’t know if someone was drinking or not. There are so many variables that go into that one little episode. And I just don’t think that in the wrestling business coincide with each other. Do we got to set this thing down, reprimand, suspend him? Of course. But for him to be banned from professional wrestling for that one incident? I mean c’mon. That I don’t agree with. Let’s put in the past and move forward.”


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Now I have thought long and hard on this matter while listening and reading people’s opinion on it. Now while I respect everybody’s opinion, one cannot help but disagree at times to them. Booker T. is entitled to his on this matter and he is one of many that have chosen to speak out on it. There are things that are said behind closed doors that many of us would not say in public and for that, I do agree with him. Also, Hogan should have been disciplined in some form.  I agree with as well.

Now here is the part in which I humbly disagree with him.  Whether this was said in private or not, that word should NOT have been uttered. Yes, it was leaked to the public in a crooked manner, but it was still said by the man. I do believe Hogan should be banned from pro wrestling for what he said. He can be acknowledged because he is a legend in the business but I do not need to see him again. That is undoubtedly the most hateful word in the human language and he uttered it. That word is used for one reason only and it’s for the hate of a race of people for reasons that cannot be justified.

Hogan would have to do a heck of a lot more than just apologize to ever win me back over to wanting to see him on my television screen ever again. I am a proud Salvadoran and have seen, heard, and dealt with hateful comments throughout my life and I simply cannot “put it in the past and move forward” as Booker T. is trying to convey here. Hogan can just go and enjoy his retirement because for me, that is where he needs to be and not on any WWE programming.