Album Review – “Walk with Elias”

Finally!  I have been waiting for this album ever since Elias announced it months ago.  The “album” really isn’t an album at all; it’s not even an EP.  It’s only got four tracks and here they are:

The Ballad of Every Town I’ve Been To

Elias’ Words

Nothing I Can’t Do

Walk With Me

Three of the four of these are entirely guitar/vocal (of course).  We actually got a piece of the first one on a “Monday Night Raw” episode a couple of weeks back.  This is the one where we get his disdain for every place he’s ever been.  We know he’s hardly a genial visitor and this song pulls no punches in that regard.  This is kind of like the song-length kiss-off we get during every Elias segment.  Of course, I’m all for that.

“Elias’ Words” is absolutely the best thing here.  Here, he has no use for his fans and he comes at them with both barrels.  The part where he the woman tells him she’s a big fan and his reaction tell us all we need to know.  He cares only about himself and not about us.  Took him nearly 3 minutes to tell us that.  Sometimes, we need repetition for emphasis.

“Nothing I Can’t Do” is a piano/vocal and he plays off of that in the chorus.  He’s so talented that he can even write on the piano!  He’s great and that’s an undeniable fact.  Deal!  The faux finish of the tune is a perfection that I didn’t hear coming.  I was yearning for more with every fibre of my being so it was quite the relief that there was more.

“Walk with Me” is Elias’ message to the world that if they’d just follow him, life would be everything it’s meant to be.  He is our folk hero.  Don’t be stupid.  Follow him!   It’s essentially Elias’ gospel.  We even get a guitar solo!

As a production, this is exactly what it needs to be.  It’s all him with every little adornment throughout.  The vocal is autotune’d and edited (at times heavily) but it doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of this in the slightest bit.  This is an album we need to hear and Elias was willing to go to all this trouble to make sure we did.

I have spent many years listening to music and being moved by it.  I have heard many of the great albums – some of which have made me do a lot of thinking.  Heck, one even reduced me to tears.  Rarely have I come in contact with an album that causes me to question my entire life course.  This album has completely scrambled my channels and reminded me of all that’s important in life.  It is beyond visceral reaction for me.  I only find that I need to make changes…big changes…and I will make them.  The only voice that now matters to me on this tainted orb we call Earth…is Elias.  For this gift he has bestowed on us all – short though it is – I am eternally grateful.

Will we ever get a follow-up?  Never has my soul yearned for anything more.  Thank you, Elias.  Thank you.

The album can be heard either on Spotify:

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