Monday Night Raw (7/23/18)

Raw Results

The opening segment had ALL the superstars on the stage.  McMahon in the ring calls out Steph and Trip.  Between the two they talked up the women.  They had all the female superstars step forward to announce an all women’s’ PPV in October!

B Team backstage talking themselves up.  They almost head to the ring without their straps.

Elias on the stage, but cut off my Deleters of Worlds.

B Team defeat Deleters of World to retain Raw Tag Team Championship.  Deleters of Worlds attack B Team after the match.

Balor is moved out of the locker room into a child’s playhouse.  Corbin’s orders.  Balor plays it off lightly, calling it Finn’s Funhouse.

Bayley and Sasha are all sticky-sweet friends again backstage.

Bayley & Sasha defeat Jobbers  Hugs after the match.

Elias on stage, but cut off by Strowman.

Strowman talks up the women, especially Bliss.  He was quite sweet, then KO came out talking down BS.  Corbin out to put BS down and sends Majal to the ring.  BS destroys Mahal and Singh.

Mickie defeats Nattie

Elias on stage, but cut off by AoP.

After way too much boring talk Titus Worldwide attack AoP.

Next to the limo Steph and Angle talk about Raw.  Corbin in with Ko who wants to face Strowman at SummerSlam, and when he wins he gets the MITB case.  Angle doesn’t like it, but Steph does and makes the match.  Angle ends up opening the limo door for Steph to leave.

Mojo defeats Breeze

Ziggler & McIntyre talk smack backstage.

Elias on stage, but cut off by Balor.

Balor defeats McIntyre via DQ when Ziggler attacked him.  Rollins out to defend Balor.  Angle out, creating the predictable Tag Match.

Rollins & Balor defeat Ziggler & McIntyre

Backstage Lashley talks smack about how he will beat Reigns, then go on to beat BL at SummerSlam.

Backstage Ember Moon talks up the Evolution PPV.

Ember Moon defeats Liv Morgan

Backstage Rollins says he has a SummerSlam match against Ziggler for the IC Championship.




Does Michael Cole Really Want to Hurt Me?  Does he really want to make me cry?

Will Sasha Banks Tumble 4 Ya?

Elias attend the Church of the Poison Mind?

Does Bayley Miss Me Blind?

Did Apollo Crews make Mistake Number 3?

None of these questions will be answered by either Culture Club or by this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw!