Ring Warriors On WGN America

Ring Warriors, a company that has ebbed and flowed since the 90s, now run by Howard Brody (former NWA President) will debut on WGN America on Saturday, September 15th, 8 am EST.  The tapings of the show will be Augusta 8-9, preparing for the one-hour weekly show.

The shows will include a tourney to crown a new Ring Warriors Grand Champion.  The shows will feature Austin Aries, Eli Drake, Jeff Cobb, Marty the Moth, Wes Brisco, Alex Chamberlain, Chase Stevens, Cassidy Riley, and a number of others.


QD – I have to admit that I’m so excited about this new show, but have no clue how I’m going to see it as Sling TV doesn’t have WGN America listed as one of my channels.  Yes, I just went to check, the way I did when I learned that the WWE was moving to the Fox Networks.  I’m a serious wrestling fan, obviously, but more than that, I’m an Austin Aries fan.  Eli Drake isn’t too bad, neither are Wes Brisco and Chase Stevens, but A Double is truly one of the top pro wrestlers in the world, and because of that I will be watching Ring Warriors when it airs – somehow!