Smackdown Live (7/24/18)

SD Results

Limo pulls up.  Miz climbs out, then offers a hand to Maryse who comes out, but then she reaches back in and brings out their baby girl!

Orton in the ring, talking about why he’s now heel, how he’s the only one left from when he started, and he deserves so much more than he has right now, so he’s going to be the whiny heel that Trip taught him to be back in Evolution.

Almas defeats Rusev

R-Truth talking to Tye about facing Joe.

Joe defeats R-Truth

Asuka on mic backstage.

Asuka defeats Billie Kay

Naka talks down Jeff Hardy in backstage segment.

Paige in the ring talking up the Evolution PPV.  She’s also there for the WWE Championship contact signing for SummerSlam.  Before the opponent was announced, Ellsworth out talking smack, being nasty to Paige, so she fires him.  As Paige is backstage with Ellsworth being tossed out, Joe into the ring, attacks AJ from behind and then signs the contract!

Joe in Paige’s face backstage, then Carmella in her face over ‘Jim’ being fired.

Becky defeats Carmella  Becky will face Carmella for the SD Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.

Backstage promo from Bludgeon Brothers.

New Day defeats SAniTy  The Bar out on stage declaring that they’re back.

Backstage Miz doesn’t like the masked babysitter (Sin Cara) that Paige set up, so he puts on the baby carrier and heads to the ring with Maryse and Monroe Sky.

Miz talking smack, so much ego, then Bryan on the tron and heads to the ring.  Of course the baby was a doll, so miz threw it at Bryan and then kicked Bry in the face.




Will Becky Lynch know that she has nothing but Time?

Is it no surprise for Carmella because It’s a Miracle?

Do the Bludgeon Brothers know that War, War is stupid and people are stupid?

Is Daniel Bryan still going to Move, Move, Move Away from WWE?

Does Byron Saxton Just Wanna Be Loved?

None of these questions will be answered by either Culture Club or by tonight’s edition of “Smackdown Live”!