Best Episode Of TNA Ever!

I’m starting this edition of The Royal Flush by stating that I will not be around for the next two weeks. That means I will miss one episode of Royal Inquisition (out of data), but will air the next episode of RI on August 6th, on location from Pennsic. Yes, another medieval event, the biggest one of the year, with over 10,000 people, so I’m a bit nervous. Also, I will not be writing The Royal Flush for the next two weeks. I’ve specifically asked S.A.M. to write The Flush for me as he’s done it before, and has his own unique way of looking at pro wrestling. Give him all the love and abuse that you normally give to me. I will miss you all but will be back in no time, so enjoy wrestling for me while I’m away.


Makes Three

I know I’m old school about a lot, and proof of that being, the limo that started the show was downright ugly. Just, ugh! But it was great that Miz, Maryse, and their baby girl got the opening of the show the way they did. That was the perfect start to SD before the first episode of their reality show airs.


Whiny Heel Orton

No respect, even though he’s the only one who is still around from when he started. Okay, so Cena is more part-time, the Hardys left for a while, same with Rhyno, along with Brock, Angle also left but isn’t in the ring these days, but Goldust has been around much longer. Orton is one of very few who are still around from 2002, but what has he really done in the past five years? He’s coasted on his name and done very little for us to give a flying fig about. Orton just isn’t interesting and hasn’t been since his really vicious feud with Trip. If anyone can give me proof that Orton’s done more in the past five years, please remind me, because I cannot recall anything, at all. Further, this was robotic and not that great of a promo from him, even though we have seen better.


Almas Shows Again

Last week Almas had a great showing in the ring against AJ, so there was a lot of hope for this match, and it was solid from the start. Almas shows so much more personality in the ring than he’s ever showed on mic. I honestly don’t get it. Where is his disconnect? I’m very confused about how he could show so much charisma in the ring and none elsewhere!

I have to admit that I’m hoping for a solid feud starting here, mostly because I want to see Zelina work the ring, and this looks like a natural way to go about it!


What’s up?

Wait, R-Truth debuted in the WWE before Orton, but he also left the company for a number of years. Either way, he’s a lot of fun, no matter who he is talking to, even Tye who has absolutely nothing going on, at all.


No Chance!

I am sure Joe and R-Truth faced off in TNA, but I cannot remember any matches between them at this point. I will say that R-Truth looked really excited in the ring, until Joe took him down and it was over. Yes, I get that they’re building Joe by feeding him everyone possible, but Joe doesn’t need that, he should just go after AJ!


Asuka Yells

She’s so beautiful, but dang her mic work sucks. I get that yelling is her thing, but I want so much more from her. I don’t know how well she actually speaks English, but I am willing to bet that it’s better than what we have seen. Also, there’s such a split between her personality on mic and in the ring. It’s very strange to me. That being said, I want her to destroy both of the IIconics.


BK Will Never Be Ready

I love Asuka’s new mask. It’s all about the evolution of characters, and little things are sometimes as telling as the big things. She’s such a character, and the change of the mask is simple, but also huge in the grand scheme of things. Further, Asuka deserves a better grade for her ring work, but…

Billie looked a total mess out there. Over-selling is one thing, but her arms and legs were all over the place, and she seemed way off every mark. She was a total mess in that match, and there was only so much Asuka could do to cover the mess BK is in the ring. I honestly don’t get why the IIconics were called up to SD. Their ring work isn’t up to par, and they’re nothing but annoying on mic. What a mess!


You’re Fired!

Paige said all the right things about the Evolution PPV, but you could see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice, that she is destroyed inside not being a part of that show. She was a huge part of the women taking the huge steps they’ve taken in the WWE, and it has to be horrible to not be right in the thick of it.

I love what AJ said about his little girl. He’s always been all about family, so it was a very sweet moment. What I thought was strange was that AJ signed the contract before knowing who he would be facing at SummerSlam. It just seemed so strange. Okay, even stranger was Ellsworth coming out and trying to get into the match.

Paige handled that wonderfully, as did Ellsworth! He sold that removal to his tippy-tippies! Heck, he over-sold it in the most amazing way! It was a great segment because of Ellsworth, and then only got better when Joe attacked AJ and signed the contract. So much greatness at SummerSlam! I’m actually quite excited for the PPV now.


Buy A New Boyfriend

Joe yelling in Paige’s face was wonderful! He’s so amazing! Though the work between Paige and Carmella has been great all along, so this was more of the same.


Flying Hair!

I cannot get over how much hair was in this match! I don’t know why it hit me as much as it did in this match, but it seemed as though they were little more than hair in the ring. Especially when they were throwing blows, there seemed to be little but flying hair. I’d like to say that this match was great, but it wasn’t as good as I hope their match at SummerSlam will be. They have everything needed to steal the show, but hopefully Ellsworth won’t be involved.


Steampunk Vikings

Personally, with them basically being steampunk Vikings, Sarah Logan needs to join them. I see her fitting in with them better than with Liv Morgan right now. From her being a Viking, her look, and her mic work, she’d be perfect with them.


Who Did Sanity Tick Off?

This was a solid match. These four really worked the ring together well, gave us a really good match, but it’s the ending I have issue with. Why did New Day win this one? This makes no sense to me. Sanity has lost too many matches already. It feels like more of McMahon trying to prove that Trip’s creations are not working, while we all know that the issues the NXT superstars are having on the main rosters is because of McMahon’s sabotage! So bloody frustrating!



Paige with Sin Cara with the diapers were great! So much personality coming from behind that mask. Miz, Maryse, and Monroe were so adorable in this segment. He’s changed so much since Monroe was born. It’s so obvious to the fans that he’s softened a bit when she was born, but he’s bouncing back to being that great heel he’s been for so long.


Miz TV

What a great segment all the way around. Miz and Maryse were great on mic, but it was obvious that Monroe wasn’t in the baby carrier. Miz played it well, but dolls don’t move at all, unlike babies – even when they’re asleep.

Bryan backstage was wonderful, but I have to say that I hope the (either indie or PC) guys get serious props for the bumps they took from Bryan. I also have to give Bryan props for how he caught that doll in the ring. He’s such a father. I know it was also sheer luck that he caught the doll exactly as you’d hold an infant, but if he wasn’t a father himself, I’m not sure he’d have caught the doll the way he did. It was the perfect way to end SD before Miz & Mrs.


Final Flush

I have to admit that I watched the first episode of Miz & Mrs. before finishing this. While there were too many scenes that we’ve all seen in the commercials, there was also a lot of silliness too. Miz has come a long way from Real World on MTV, all the way back to reality TV. It’s kind of funny to think about how he got his start on reality TV, met his wife as he was hosting the Diva Search reality show, and now they have their own show. It’s been a big circle bringing them back to their roots.

Queen KB