As the bottom of the 3rd hour closed, a familiar face stood tall in the middle of the ring, Roman Reigns had once again been named the #1 contender to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title for a third time this year by defeating Bobby Lashley in a pretty entertaining match that the live crowd in Cincinnati seemed to enjoy.

As Roman’s music played, I could already hear the internet collectively grown in anger and disappointment of yet another Roman/Brock match (which will more then likely main event Summerslam next month). Judging by what I read on Twitter, Facebook and various wrestling sites, my suspensions were indeed correct.

Having Roman face Brock at Summerslam in front of a very smarky Brooklyn crowd was not only bold on Vince’s part but bordered on near insanity, right? I mean why would Vince subject his main event to getting completely hijacked by 20,000 paying customers who paid their hard-earned money to witness the show live?

Then, it hit me, Vince shouldn’t give an Impact Wrestling stock portfolio about what the internet or a smarky crowd has to say about what’s in the main event.  Here’s why:  Just over a month ago in the build up to Extreme Rules, all signs pointed to Roman Reigns main eventing yet another PPV but this time against Bobby Lashley. Those same fans threw a temper tantrum and demanded that either the Seth Rollins/Dolph Ziggler iron man match or the WWE Championship match between AJ And Rusev main event the show or they would do what they do best, pay their money to go to the show just to hijack

Flash forward to the actual event. Extreme Rules progressed into the evening and to everybody’s surprise, Roman/Lashley had been bumped from the main event into the middle of the card all but guaranteeing that either Rollins/Ziggler or AJ/Rusev would close the show which would most certainly save the PPV from being hijacked, right? WRONG! Despite the fact that fans got exactly what they asked for in the main event, it still didn’t stop these smarky fans from making complete deflated beach balls out of themselves as they went into business for themselves anyway.

Instead of enjoying the main event that these people clamored for, they decided to completely disregard two of its internet darlings (Seth & Dolph) in the ring to instead focus on the clock on the big screen and then proceede to count down from 10 to 1 at the end of every minute. I was legit surprised by the behavior of the crowd but I was even more surprised that these fans possessed the brain capacity to count from 10 – 1 so there’s that at least.

It was obvious that Seth and Dolph didn’t seem to pleased with the Pittsburgh crowd either. I don’t blame them a bit. I was irritated for them just watching this unfold. It was at that moment that I realized that those smarks in Pittsburgh not only embarrassed themselves but they managed to do something even bigger then that. They completely dropped the ball for the entire IWC.

After witnessing this travesty, these types of fans no longer have the right to complain EVER again about how Vince puts together his shows or which match order he decides to put the matches in. Vince is no longer obligated to “listen to the fans” who continue to conduct themselves as children with no home training no matter how much he tries to pander to them.

The fact of the matter is that Roman will be in the main event at Summerslam again this year and all the whining and complaining in the world won’t do a single thing to change that. Not only that, but Roman will go on to main event many more shows in the years to come as well.

Next time you guys decide to take to your keyboards to voice your displeasure, remember that Vince is no longer obligated to listen to fans who hijack shows or fans who endorse that type of behavior at shows because it’s been proven that these types of fans won’t be satisfied regardless of rather Vince listens or not.

That said, in the words of the famous poet Roman Reigns: “Learn to like it or close your mouth because I (Vince) don’t care what anyone’s saying”