Cedric Alexander Goes After Neville on Twitter

Well, this is an odd development!  Cedric Alexander has decided to “make a meal” of Neville.  Have a look!

This entire thread goes off the rails right about here:

It continues from there.  Have a read.


Botch Take:  There’s no way this is coincidental.  Dre and I were talking a bit backstage and we both agreed that this is absolutely nothing like the behavior we usually see from Cedric on Twitter.  My hunch is that he’s being put up to this and that Neville will be back in “205 Live”.  That would be odd given that Neville wasn’t exactly thrilled with his time down there and it was absolutely one of the main reasons he left.  Of course, “205 Live” was a different show at that point and things have improved.  Perhaps he realizes that and has decided to return?  Perhaps he’s just sick of sitting around given that he’s tied up in a contract that WWE won’t let him out of?  Does WWE/Cedric have a wild hair and this is just being done to get us talking?  Only time will tell if a Neville return to WWE actually happens.