Memphis Attorney Raises Questions About Brian Christopher’s death

This past Sunday, Brian Christopher was found hanging in his jail cell and died from it. Jerry Lawler has told FOX 13 in Memphis, “There may be more to this than meets the eye.”

A Memphis attorney has now raised questions regarding the circumstances about the death of Christopher. The attorney, Jeff Rosenblum, has said, “What is the TBI going to do? What documentation are they looking at? Are they looking at surveillance video? I want to know more. If it is my son and my client? I want to know more”.

Rosenblum has also said that Christopher’s family should demand answers about what happened to him because “Most suicides are preventable, and most suicides in confinement are and should be prevented”.

Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen said in a statement that Brian did not show suicidal tendencies.

S.A.M.’s Spiel: My heart goes out to the Lawler family during their time of grieving. Suicide is something that has grown year after year in attempts and that is saddening. If there is more to Brian Christopher’s suicide than something should be done if this could have been prevented by the correction’s officers at the jail where Christopher was. Hopefully answers can come to the Lawler family during this tough time.