Mella. Is. Money!!!

Hello everybody in the Wrestle Royalty kingdom! I am S.A.M. and I am filling in for our Queen while she is away for 2 weeks. I aim to do the Flush justice while she is away so without further ado, let’s talk about this week’s Smackdown Live.


MELLA IS $$$$$

Smackdown Live opens with Renee Young in the ring and she introduces Becky Lynch for an interview. Becky comes out and the two have a good interview that is then interrupted by Carmella. This is where we have something that could be considered a promo of the year candidate. Carmella delivers the best promo she has ever done, and no words can do it justice. Go find that promo and watch it for yourself because it is truly amazing. Carmella would offer Becky her hand for a handshake, but Becky denied it and Carmella would attack her. She would bring a chair to the ring and Charlotte Flair would make her return and come in for the save.


Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary

The Usos certainly have a unique delivery in their promos and I always enjoy them for the most part. Over the last few months it has felt stale to me but this one was refreshing. Their little Rock moment was nicely done, and this was a nice, quick way to set up their upcoming match with The Bar.


Carmella and Paige

This was a very nice backstage segment between Carmella and Paige. Carmella was on fire tonight and that line of “Being one thing you’ll (Paige) never be again, The Champ!” was just fire. Paige’s fierce rebuttal to that in setting up the main event between Carmella and Charlotte was just fantastic.


Day One vs The Bar

The Bar and The Usos are two of the best tag teams in not just the WWE, but in the whole industry and this match proved it once again. The chemistry these two teams display is phenomenal, and they were allowed to show it here in this match. The New Day came down prior to the match to do commentary with their own announce table and it was amazing. I know they may break up one day, but it is getting harder and harder to imagine it happening when they turn everything they do into gold. The Bar ended up going over in this match and I think that is the right call. The Bar is the only team who have yet to encounter the Bludgeon Bros. so it would make sense for them to beat the New Day next week. I have said it before that the tag team division on Raw may be lacking but the Smackdown tag team division is alive and well because they have the depth of legitimate, established teams whereas Raw is really the land of the jobber teams.


Charlotte & Renee Young

This was a nice backstage interview with Charlotte and Renee Young. Charlotte made her intentions clear that, despite her friendship with Becky Lynch, she was there to beat Carmella and earn a shot at the title at Summerslam.


Joe’s Gonna Kill You!

Samoa Joe is quite simply one of the best talkers right now. The way he articulates and the intensity he brings to each promo is unmatched. This was another one to add to his growing library of stellar promos since coming to WWE. Nothing I can write can really do it justice and I suggest finding it online somewhere and watching it because it is simply something that needs to be experienced. Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles has so much potential and hopefully WWE realizes this.


Heel Orton is the Best Orton

Jeff Hardy came down to the ring and pretty much said a lot to call out Randy Orton. Orton obliged him and came down to the ring, not as slow as he normally does, but to a nice surprise, Shinsuke Nakamura attacked Jeff from behind. Nakamura did a rather effective beat down and would go to hit a Kinshasa, but Orton stopped him. Shinsuke would hit a Kinshasa but only after Orton allowed him to and I am intrigued as to where this is all going.

Then the Viper struck and unleashed yet another beatdown to Jeff. He feigned an RKO and did his stomps onto Jeff instead. There was a little bit of discussion in the DD about Randy using another finisher instead of the RKO since he is a heel now and I am behind that idea. I think if he used the draping DDT as his finisher or could bring back the punt, it would solidify even further that he is a heel. Randy finished this off by hitting Jeff with two draping DDTs and grabbing a water bottle, pouring the water on Jeff’s face, and rubbing off his face paint. Randy looks motivated now since he has been a heel and that has made me enjoy what he is doing once again.


Becky Lynch & Renee Young

This was another nice backstage interview segment with Renee Young, this time featuring Becky Lynch. Becky is so smooth on the mic and she sold he elation to Charlotte getting the opportunity as a friend but that slight hesitation of seeing her added to the match as a competitor.


Zelina Vega vs Lana

This was Zelina’s in-ring debut on the main roster and she showed that she is fully capable in the ring. Lana didn’t look that bad in this match either and she has definitely improved over time. She isn’t at the level of many of the other women on the roster, but she is making strides. Of course, Aiden English would get himself involved in this match at some point to further the rift between Rusev, Lana and himself. It would cost Lana the match and give Zelina a win in her first match. I do believe that Almas and Vega could become a great power duo for Smackdown and hold a firm grasp as top heels if WWE is smart.


Bludgeon Bros Speak

The Bludgeon Bros appear on the screen and give a short promo. I am a fan of Harper and Rowan is good, but I could really care less about them as the Bludgeon Bros. They have done next to nothing since teaming back up besides squashing teams and cutting promos. I hope whoever wins the finals of the tag team tournament can either get something out of them or take the titles from them.


Lana Tells It Like it is

This was short and quick with Aiden trying to apologize to Lana for costing her the match. He would run off when Rusev started yelling towards their direction and Lana would tell Rusev that she could have used him during her match. Nice and simple storytelling to show the rift happening between these three.


Daniel Bryan & The Miz

Daniel Bryan comes out and he spoke about the all-women’s pay-per-view Evolution and that was a nice touch. He then moved on to the other reason why he came out, The Miz. He goes on about how The Miz has been antagonizing for 2 years while he wasn’t cleared and ever since he has been cleared, The Miz has been finding ways to shield himself from him. He calls out The Miz and of course he doesn’t come out and appears on the titantron running down Daniel Bryan about him coming from the independent scene and promotes Miz and Mrs. They then go back and forth about their history with one another and it is just golden. These two seem made for one another and their eventual match at Summerslam should be awesome.


Carmella vs Charlotte Flair

Renee Young really got her work in on this edition of Smackdown Live as she interviewed Carmella from Gorilla prior to the match and Carmella did well here. She was simply money tonight in her mic work. This is Charlotte’s first match back since she ruptured an implant and she looked good in there. Carmella is a capable worker in her own right and she does benefit from being in the ring with someone like Charlotte. This was a pretty good match that had Charlotte picking up the win over Carmella and now the title match at Summerslam will be a triple threat match. They showed Becky, who was watching the whole match on a monitor backstage, and she looks a bit astounded over the outcome. Smackdown ends with Becky staring intensely into the monitor and I think this is definitely leading to something.


Final Flush

Smackdown Live delivered another outstanding show this week. This was fun from start to finish and I didn’t notice any lull in the action. Smackdown Live is the real A show of the main roster and it continues to prove that week after week.