Did Chris Jericho Save Impact Wrestling?

It is no secret that Impact Wrestling has been a struggling product for the last couple of years and that the hires they have made in management this year may have saved them.

Don Callis was brought in to run the company and it was done so by the suggestion of Chris Jericho during a conversation with Anthem Sports & Entertainment CEO Leonard Asper.

Asper told Jericho how the company had lost so much money and the problems that were done by the previous regime. Jericho replied with saying that the company was run by snakes and those type of people will only rip him off. He then suggested that Asper hire Don Callis to run the company or shut it down.

Well since the Callis hire, Impact has been able to cut down on costs and the show has greatly improved. Slammiversary was their best pay-per-view in some time and had the whole wrestling world talking about it. The only question coming out of Slammiversary is if the company can continue to build off this, so they can sell their live events and build their television product, so they can get a possible better TV deal.

Chris Jericho has recently hinted via social media that he would be open to working with Impact in the future and we shall see if that does come to fruition.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Don Callis and the changes Impact has made are very clear in the product they have now. Slammiversary was a very good show that had solid matches throughout the event and had the industry abuzz about it. They have some of the most talked about wrestlers in the industry not in WWE right now like Rosemary, Pentagon Jr., and Fenix to name a few. It will be interesting to see how Impact builds off of Slammiversary and how the rest of their 2018 goes.