Significant Drop of Impact’s TV Rating

This week, Impact’s rating really “hit the wall” with quite the decrease in their TV ratings.  They went from last week’s rating of 299,000/o.07 to 248,000/0.05.  Their average for the month of July was 290,750.  There really was no competition to explain the drop either.  Once the NFL goes back on the air, things are bound to get worse.


Botch Take:  Ouch!  Those ratings are awful.  Heck, even their best rating of the month (304,000/0.07) is awful and would get the show instantly cancelled it it aired on virtually any other network.  To give you an idea, in 2015, there was a program that aired on the Australian Seven Network called “Mesmerized”.  On its debut episode, it drew 411,000.  It was cancelled after its first episode and the remaining five episodes they filmed have never been aired.  For a show on a network that’s available to 73.8 million households in America as of January 2016, it’s a real wonder why they continue to allow Impact to air.  It’s kind of a wonder how a few of their shows air as the numbers are comparable.  ‘Course, for a network that began life as a barker channel (it was some form of a TV Guide channel for until just five years ago), I’m guessing they aren’t expecting much.  It’s just sad that a program that used to draw over a million viewers during it’s most successful period now gets just a small fraction of that.  My, how the once somewhat mighty have fallen.