Status of Hiromu Takahashi’s Neck

Hiromu suffered a devastating injury during a New Japan match that left him with a broken neck.  Unfortunately, info concerning it has been hard to come by given the nature of Japanese wrestlers keeping injuries to themselves.

As for Hiromu, it’s believed that his neck is broken.  Thankfully, no nerve damage has been found.  All that’s left for him is for the bone in the neck to heal up completely.  That will likely take six to nine months.  Of course, we wish him the best in his recovery and are thankful things weren’t as bad as they could have been.


Botch Take:  This sends shivers down my spine.  NJPW is fun to watch but stuff like this is an ever-present threat in the style they work.  Safety is a bit less of a concern in those parts which is why they’ll never be able to achieve mass acceptance.  I’m just glad Takahashi’s on the mend.