Top WWE Star Set to Make His Return

It is beginning to look like a top WWE star is set to make his triumphant return. It is being reported that Dean Ambrose is set to make his long-awaited return from his triceps surgery at Summerslam and will be involved in a storyline. Ambrose’s period for recovery was set for the end of August or early September and he is indeed on pace to hit that mark.

Ambrose has been spotted in Birmingham, Alabama in recent weeks for follow-up appointments and was been working out at the Performance Center in June.

The latest word is that he will align himself with Seth Rollins to be his back-up during his current feud with Drew McIntyre and Dolph ZIggler.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Well this is as good of timing as any for Ambrose to make his return from injury. WWE have clearly been making it a point that Rollins needs back-up against McIntyre and Ziggler so Ambrose would make the most sense. It will be interesting to see if they just team up without question or if this leads to Ambrose turning on Rollins down the line.