Kramer King Reporting Live Here From Smackdown Live!

Hello everybody here at Wrestle Royalty! S.A.M. I am is here once again to bring you another edition of the Flush. Smackdown has been on fire so let us see if that continues this week.


The Viper Talks

Smackdown Live opens with Randy Orton coming down to the ring to deliver a promo and it appears clear to me that Randy is invested in what he says again because he is finally a heel again. When he was a face, he was boring, and you could clearly tell he didn’t give it his all. The way he explained why he is doing what he is doing to Jeff Hardy comes off with such conviction and that is something I haven’t seen in him in some time. I was over Randy Orton because of his dull babyface runs but now I am fully invested in seeing what he does and says because he is back to being interesting once again.


Lass Kicker and The Queen of Smackdown Live

This was a nice backstage segment between Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Becky really sold her internal conflict she is having with Charlotte being added to the title match at Summerslam. Charlotte was good here as well in conveying she was just taking advantage of the opportunity presented to her. Also, that line by Becky of “We’re not Sasha and Bayley” was perfection.


Becky & Charlotte vs IIconics

Oh, how Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have fallen. They got “boring” chants during their promo prior to this match and are just a shell of their NXT selves. It could be very safe to say we can add them to the list of NXT talent that has failed on the main roster and that just makes me sigh. All that aside, this was a pretty decent match. The IIconics can handle themselves fine in the ring and they didn’t look lost in there. They were used to further the growing friction between Becky and Charlotte as Charlotte picked up the victory after a blind tag. Becky sat in the corner and had a “really?” look on her as Charlotte picked up the win. It is looking like “tea time” may be ending.


New Day Interview

First, the New Day tackle commentary and now this week they tackle backstage interviews. Kofi put on a blond wig and hilarity ensued. These three men must be one of the best trios of all time and they can do anything. This felt like something straight out of the Chappelle Show and if you ever watched that, you can see what I mean. I honestly do not want to ever see the New Day break up because they all complement each other so well and I have enjoyed everything that they have done.


Miz Video

Miz is simply one of the best talkers in WWE right now and quite possibly of all-time. This was short and done to confirm what we have all been waiting for. Miz vs Daniel Bryan is now confirmed for Summerslam. This should be a fun build for something that has been years in the making.


Tea Time is Over?

This was another good backstage segment between Becky and Charlotte. It was short and quick, and Becky is really selling that her friendship with Charlotte may have to be put on hold if either of them want the Smackdown Women’s Championship.


The Phenomenal One Speaks

AJ Styles made his way down to the ring to respond to the excellent promo that Samoa Joe gave last week, and he did a fairly good job. AJ Styles is as over as anyone in the company and Smackdown Live is 100% the house that he built. It really is night and day between AJ doing promos in TNA and the ones he has done in WWE. He really has grown and doesn’t stumble much on the mic. AJ talks about how he has sacrificed time with his family in order to provide for them and he sold that really well. It was a nice touch to have Joe sitting in the locker room area watching and laughing at AJ during his promo. These two put on phenomenal matches in TNA and I sincerely hope WWE gives them plenty of time to put on a match that can be considered a match of the year candidate.


Rusev Day is Fine……?

Smackdown now cuts backstage as we see Lana warming up for her rematch with Zelina Vega. Rusev comes up to her and apologizes and says how he should be more supportive of her. That was well done and of course, Aiden English had to come and further push the story between all three. Aiden apologizes and says he would be nothing without them and they accept his apology. They go to make their way down to the ring and Rusev tells Aiden to stay in the back. This story is being booked very well and I am looking forward to seeing where they go with it.


Lana vs Vega Round 2

This match felt a lot better than their match last week and I will say that Lana has definitely improved in the ring. She still can’t carry a match on her own, but she doesn’t look lost in the ring or moves awkwardly like she used to. Vega is so quick in that ring and I could see how she can be a force in the women’s division. I’ve said it before, her and Almas can become a huge power duo that can run Smackdown Live if WWE realizes the potential for it. Almas tried to get involved and Rusev was there to stop it but when Almas overwhelmed him, Aiden came down and, right on cue, cost Lana another match. I am getting the feeling that Aiden will turn on Rusev and continue to be heel and in turn, have Rusev and Lana become faces.


Shinsuke Nakamura Interview

Nakamura has been utterly fantastic since becoming a heel and his promo work shows it too. He worked great with Renee and then we got a nice surprise. R-Truth came into the interview with Tye by his side, I guess these two are friends now, and demanded a title match with Nakamura at Summerslam. The cherry on top of his demand is how he expected to do it; by pinning Carmella! Truth had me dying from that and the way he sold Nakamura’s words in Japanese was perfect. Looks like we will have a match


Byron Saxton Interviews the Miz. No seriously, he does!

Byron has gone from someone who was quiet and seemed lost on announce to a confident and strong person on the mic. He has greatly improved and the way he conducted this interview with the Miz via the titantron was great. As I said earlier, Miz is one of the best on the mic right now and this showed his skills once again. The Miz boasting about how successful Miz and Mrs. is was on point, by the way the show really is amazing, and he took more jabs at Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan found his way to where the Miz was and attacked him. The Miz hit him with a flower vase and was able to sneak off with his security. This is a program that has been years in the making and it sure feels that way and I cannot wait for their match at Summerslam.


The Artist vs The Truth

R-Truth was able to do his full entrance so that was something I wasn’t expecting to see. Truth was able to get some offense in, but this match was really done to build up Nakamura heading into Summerslam. Truth may not get that many televised matches, but he is still able to look good in the ring. Nakamura was able to get the win via Kinshasa in a short but decent match for what it was.


Bludgeon Bros Speak

Oh look, it’s the Bludgeon Bros. Now I really do want to like this team, but they have done absolutely nothing for me since forming.  They have done one of two things since their debut, give a menacing promo or squash a team and that is it. Maybe the team that comes out of the tag team tournament can do something with them, but I certainly do not have my hopes up for it.


Bludgeon Bros Squash…. AGAIN!!!!

SERIOUSLY!? The tag team champions are squashing a jobber team?!?! Like I just said, I want to like this team but if you keep giving me these kinds of matches, I just cannot get invested in them.

There is no balance in the Tag Team divisions on the main roster. Smackdown is completely loaded with top tier tag teams and Raw is the land of the jobber teams. Some of these teams need to switch brands in order to bring balance to both rosters because the tag team champions should NOT be squashing jobbers like this. I just don’t get it, I really don’t……


New Day vs The Bar

It is time for the main event and this was certainly the pièce de résistance of Smackdown Live this week. This was just a phenomenal tag team match that was given plenty of time and let these teams show what they can do. Both teams are two of the absolute best in the world right now and their chemistry was evident throughout this match. It is a match like this that allows me to say that tag team wrestling is alive on Smackdown, Bludgeon Bros squashing aside. Big E has one of the best hot tags right now and the crowd ate it up right when he tagged in after Kofi took plenty of damage. Big E would get three wishbones in a row by The Bar and sold each one perfectly. Cesaro would hit a big superplex on Big E and Sheamus, yes Sheamus, would hit a top rope knee drop for a two-count. This match garnered “This is Awesome!” chants from the crowd and I would have to agree with them. The New Day would emerge the victors of this match and will now go on to face the Bludgeon Bros at Summerslam for the Tag Team titles.


Final Flush

This was another stellar episode of Smackdown Live and continues to show why it is the A+ show. I highly recommend watching the tag team match because it was quite amazing. It has been a long time since an episode of Smackdown Live has disappointed me and that is a good thing.

It has been a pleasure writing the Flush while our Queen has been away, and I thank her for giving me the opportunity to do so.