Jason Jordan’s Neck Injury Believed to be Worse Than Expected

There were rumblings last week that the plan for Jason Jordan when he returned from his neck injury was to reunite him with Chad Gable and reunite American Alpha. It would look like those plans are to be put on hold because it is being reported that Jordan’s neck injury is worse than expected.

Jordan has been out since February due to neck pain that was caused by a disc in his neck and underwent a posterior cervical microdiscectomy that would decompress the nerve, alleviate the pain, and allow it to heal.

Jordan has been out doing community work for WWE within the last month and there is no timetable for his return.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: This is just bad news on top of bad news for Jason Jordan. He was set for a high-profile feud with Seth Rollins heading into Wrestlemania prior to the injury and now it looks like he has had a significant setback. Neck injuries are things that have derailed and shortened careers, so time will tell how this further impacts Jason Jordan’s career. We all continue to wish him a full recovery from his neck injury and will update on his condition when details become available.