Latest Speculation as to Who WWE Are Looking to Sign Next

Well it is no secret that WWE has been in the business over the last few years of signing some of the hottest talent on the independent wrestling scene. Adam Cole, Ricochet, Aleister Black (formerly known as Tommy End), Keith Lee and the recently signed Matt Riddle are just some of the names to have made their way to WWE in the last few years.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been some speculation as to what WWE’s next move or moves are going to be with the latest crop of independent sensations making waves. Now we should all take this with a grain of salt, but it would not surprise me if any of this came to fruition in the next year or so.

Meltzer spoke about how WWE has become aggressive when it comes to signing talent from the indies, I mentioned some of those names above, and that with the upcoming All In PPV and the upcoming ROH show in Madison Square Garden WWE may feel that their competition are making moves they are uneasy with. While WWE are the clear number one promotion in the world currently, the independent scene has been booming so the threat could be looming of some company to make a push to compete or be a strong and viable alternative.

Some names that are being mentioned to be on WWE’s radar right now are Fenix, Pentagon Jr., and Shane Strickland. All three have been making waves on the independent scene and Pentagon Jr. and Fenix have both stated that they have told promoters who they’ve booked dates with in 2019 that the dates may be in question.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Now we should take this all with a grain of salt but, like I said, it would not surprise me one bit that WWE are pushing hard to sign those names. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, collectively known as the Lucha Bros, are two of the hottest talents right now and I expect WWE to make a real play for them in the coming year or so. Shane Strickland is one name I am least familiar with but from the work I have seen him do in Lucha Underground as Killshot and in MLW (Major League Wrestling), he is a talented worker as well. It will be interesting to see what comes from all this but once again, take this all with a grain of salt.