I Am A Dirt Sheet Writer

You know what really bugs me?  The crap that dirt sheets writers take.  Heck, look at the name itself.  Doesn’t give off very pleasant vibes, does it?  I’ll be honest for a moment.  We often don’t do ourselves any favors either, honestly.  A lot of my fellow (or is it callow) writers get it wrong, jump the gun, or otherwise attempt to feed their egos by “being first” at whatever cost.

Let me set you straight on a few things.  First of all, we’re not all like that.  Some of us (i.e. all of us here) really just want to report the news as we get it…and we even want to get it right.  There are sources I used to go to that I’ve either stopped accessing or I’m much more careful with them.  I’ll use more than one just to make sure what I’m reporting is factual.  We don’t jump unless we’re certain.

When I came to Wrestle Royalty back in October, I’d never been a “dirt sheet writer” before.  I’d read them (one in particular) but I never really thought about writing for one.  I was initially brought on to do all the website development and maintenance…or so I thought.  After the site was built, I was quickly put to work as a writer.  Having never really done it before (I had a brief stint as one on another site that’s long since gone), I just kind of had to feel my way through.  I wasn’t particularly looking forward to doing it either, though I didn’t say anything.  The idea of being a lowly “dirt sheet writer” wasn’t all that attractive to be honest.  All I had was my passion and love for wrestling.

Wanna know what’s funny?  That’s really all any of us have.  It’s really all we draw on.  It is this quality that makes me write when I don’t necessarily enjoy the show I’m writing about (have you seen “Raw” lately?).  It is this quality that makes us all press on even though we know we’ll be treated with derision.  What we do is thankless to some degree but because we love wrestling, we do it.  We love the athletic ring work.  We love the great storylines.  Heck, we sometimes even like to heckle when things are bad.  We have that right as fans.

I think maybe some of the reason I hedged at writing for a wrestling site initially is because I didn’t want the name “dirt sheet writer” to be attached to me.  Then, I started doing it…a lot.  I then realized how much fun it was.  I get to voice my appreciation (and frustration at times) with something I love on a regular basis.  It’s cathartic and exhilarating at the same time.  When I love something, I get to extol its virtues.  When I hate it, I can vent on it.  I also discovered that there was a writer inside me the whole time…or at least an expresser of ideas.  I just didn’t know it.

As I sit here now writing this, I’m not ashamed of being a “dirt sheet writer” anymore.  Why should I be?  All it means is that I’m a passionate wrestling fan who writes about something he loves.

I am a DIRT SHEET WRITER…and I wear that name proudly.