NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard Sells Out Madison Square Garden in Under 30 Minutes

In about 20 minutes, all tickets for the NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden were completely sold out.  Someone tried to get them on Twitter about 30 minutes ago and ran into this:


Botch Take:  This is a complete and total “mic drop” for NJPW and ROH.  Vince moved heaven and earth to try to keep ROH from renting the venue.  In return, they’ve sold it out in less than a half an hour.  This is great for wrestling.  It’s also undeniable proof that other companies are providing what WWE fails to.  Vince has left a hole…and other companies have the wherewithal to fill it.  I’m thrilled for them and for all of us as fans.