The Time Warp Chronicles

Backstage…early this morning…

Sir Mitch: Ok, have the title and the outline of my article done. Calling it “Let’s do the Time Warp Again” Going to compare the following workers from 1993 and 2018 in regards to their respective booking. Workers I’m focusing on and the sub articles they will be classified under:
The Chosen One: Roman = Lex
The Unbeatable Heel Champion: Brock = Yokozuna
The Relegated Muscle: Nash = McIntyre
The Workhorse: Rollins = Michaels
The Superhuman: Undertaker = Strowman
The De-pushed: Bret Hart = Finn Balor

Baron Botch:  Relegated muscle?  I’m totally with you on all the others for sure. Nailed.  Did you mean “Designated Muscle”. Not being snide. Just trying to understand.

Sir Mitch: Nash was better than the role he played at the time (Shawn’s bodyguard) He gets flack and is called big lazy…but he had some really great matches in his first WWE run. McIntyre is in the same boat playing Zigglers bodyguard after his NXT run.

Baron Botch:  Nash was called big lazy because he couldn’t work. He had Hogan disease. Drew can work his face off. Nash was all about his look and truckloads of charisma.  Nash will tell you he can’t work.  He had a jackknife powerbomb, a side slam, and theatrical elbows in the corner.

Sir Mitch:  Watch Nash’s matches with Undertaker, Hart and Michaels. He could work when he wanted too. I will always maintain his first run in WWE was excellent.  So he’s five moves of doom type worker? So is Cena…how many great matches has he had?

Baron Botch:  I disagree. He was okay at best. He could talk better than anyone at the time. That’s what made him great. It was never about his ring work or lack thereof.  John can work his face off. Anyone that says otherwise after his matches with AJ Styles just isn’t paying attention.  And no. AJ didn’t carry him.  It’s like saying Roman can’t work. We know he can.

Sir Mitch:  I’m not saying he was on par with guys like a Hart (VERY far from it) but if he put the effort in…he could work well with them and have good matches.

Baron Botch:  He could have decent matches, yeah. It often depended on the other guy but he could.  He was a master storyteller on the mic. That was always his edge.

Sir Mitch:  The comparisons aren’t meant to be 100% the same though. Just meant to be interesting parallels. The comparisons aren’t meant to be 100% the same though. Just meant to be interesting parallels.

Baron Botch:  They’re both muscle now so I get why you paired them off.  Err…Nash was. Drew is for now.  Scott Hall was the one who could really go…when he wanted to…which became more rare as he sunk into addiction.

Sir Mitch:  Seriously though, go back and watch Nash’s matches with Brett, Shawn and Taker. He could hang when he put the effort in. Seriously though, go back and watch Nash’s matches with Brett, Shawn and Taker. He could hang when he put the effort in.

Baron Botch:  Those three don’t have bad matches. Of course he was good with them.

Sir Mitch:  Sadly true with Hall

Baron Botch:  He had to be in the ring with someone really good to have a good match. When he was, he did. When he wasn’t (i.e. when he was against Hogan) the results were awful.

Sir Mitch:  Taker and Hart both have a few stinkers on their resumes. Shawn I’ll give you. Can’t remember him ever having a bad match!

Baron Botch:  Who was bad with Hart and Taker?  Not late Taker. That hasn’t been great.  We know this.

Sir Mitch:  Taker had Giant Gonzales, Heidenreich and a few others. A few of Brett’s matches during the Lawler feud were not great. The match with Doink was just sad and his match with a very green Kane in his dentist gimmick wasn’t too flash.  Bret also had a few stinkers in WCW!  Nash also did something a Ring General like William Regal couldn’t do…get a halfway decent match out of Goldberg. Starcade 98 wasn’t a technical masterpiece. But it did tell a great story…until the end that is.

Baron Botch:  Goldberg’s match with Regal was a disaster because Regal didn’t try to play to Goldberg.

Sir Mitch:  Still, the point stands.

Baron Botch:  The Taker matches you mentioned involved awful workers.  Disagree. Regal didn’t really try to get a good match out of Goldberg…and he got fired for it.

Sir Mitch:  That’s not how Regal tells it, but ok.

Baron Botch:  I do agree those Taker matches were bad.  Regal says he was instructed to make Goldberg work and he couldn’t. The botches were all Goldberg. It’s the greatest match ever…for all the wrong reasons.

Sir Mitch:  And Taker had a great match at Mania 12 with Nash! So as I said, I believe Nash could actually work great matches when he wanted too. Regal couldn’t save Goldberg. No one could have. Anymore than Taker could save Gonzales.  I’d need to see that Taker/Nash match again.