Monday Night Raw (8/13/18)

Raw Results

Ronda starts the show talking up Anvil, sharing the love we feel for our fathers, and her love for Nattie in a beautiful segment.  Ronda introduces Ember to the ring to face Bliss.  Bliss out with Foxy in tow, and security guards.  In the ring Ronda and Ember are attacked from behind, so Ronda takes out all the security guards, quickly.

Bliss vs Moon ends in DQ

Corbin defeats Breeze

Strowman & Balor defeat KO & Mahal

Lashley defeats Jobber  after banter between jobber in the ring and Elias on stage

B Team defeats Deleter of Worlds & Revival to retain Raw Tag Team Championship

Reigns to the ring talking about SummerSlam.  Heyman out and talks about RR’s father, speaks in Samoan, something he learned riding with Afa and Sika when he was a teen.  Heyman hands RR a proposal, but then pepper sprays RR.  Brock to the ring and beats up RR who cannot see through any of it.

Titus Worldwide & Roode defeat AoP & Mojo

Video celebrating the life and career of Jim Neidhart.

Riot defeats Banks

Ziggler and McIntyre in the ring with Angle, talking down Rollins whose music plays, but he doesn’t come to the ring.  Finally, after Ziggler gives an impassioned speech, Rollins to the stage, explains he’s not the one with the travel problems.  Ambrose comes out and they run to the ring, they destroy Ziggler and McIntyre to end Raw.




Will Kurt Angle go back to the days our love was strong?  Is he down On Bended Knee?

Is Renee Young Doin’ Just Fine…getting along very well without you in her life?

It’s long overdue but now, is Greensboro, NC slammin’?

Even though when times got rough, did Apollo Crews never turn away…was he right there?  Should we Thank You?

Is Nia Jax undergoing 4 Seasons of Loneliness?

None of these questions will be answered by Boyz II Men or by tonight’s episode of “Monday Night Raw”!