Another Smackdown Superstar Injured

Jorge Arias, known as Sin Cara on SD, stated on Instagram that he is in Birmingham, Alabama, waiting to see a doctor.  Most WWE superstars who require surgery are sent to Birmingham as that’s where there are specialists who know how to treat pro wrestlers in such a way that they can (usually) return to the ring.  As of this writing we do not know what is wrong with Arias or how long he might be out from it.
There is also a rumor going around that Tye Dillinger might have suffered an injury at a house show over the weekend as the ref threw up the X.  He walked from the ring, but know nothing else at this point.  More news will become available as we learn what has happened.
QD – It’s really been a wild couple weeks in the pro wrestling industry.  Between the numerous deaths, growing list of injuries, and smaller companies selling out shows faster than the WWE.  Times are changing in a huge way.  Fingers crossed that things will only get better from here.