Cole Compliments Young’s Raw Announce Debut

Renee Young stepped up to the Raw announce team for the first time and shot it out of the park.  She only heard Vince McMahon in her headset once, and we all know that is huge after Mick Foley left announce due to all of McMahon’s yelling in his ears.  Huge praise also came from the man sitting next to her at the table, Michael Cole.



This wasn’t the first time Young worked announce, as she did quite a bit for NXT, and very early on in her time with the WWE she worked with Tom Phillips on Superstars, though the latter wasn’t great as she was still very green.  Her first night on Raw was a huge step up from her early days on announce.


QD – What a great night for Renee Young!  She did a great job on announce, and I cannot wait for her to be back.  I’ve been very down on the three-person announce teams, but Renee did a great job holding her own with Cole and Graves.  She was a bit timid at times, but much of the night she showed that she was built to be on announce with the boys.  The Womens’ Evolution has been a great thing for the women in the ring, as well as the women on the mic.  JoJo has really grown into her own as the ring announcer, and a few of the backstage interviewers have been growing, but none of them have reached the heights Renee has, and that’s because she has everything needed to get over.  I always say there are three things a wrestler needs to get over: a look, charisma/mic skills, and in-ring ability.  I can say that those on announce need three things, a look, charisma/mic skills, and industry/company knowledge.  Renee has those things in spades, the sky is the limit for this one.