Matt Hardy And Bray Wyatt Split?

There are many questions swirling around Matt Hardy these days.  Between talking about the condition of his body, how his lower back and pelvis are fusing, and watching how he works the ring, his retirement might be sooner than later.

There have been rumors about Hardy and Bray Wyatt splitting up since they lost their Tag Team Championship to the B Team.  They appear to have worked their last match together on Monday Night Raw in a losing attempt against Revival and B Team for the Raw Tag Team Championship and are not scheduled to work SummerSlam.

At this point, we have no idea when Matt Hardy is going to retire, but it does look as though he and Wyatt will no longer be tagging together.



QD – From the start I loved the idea of Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt tagging together, but the WWE hasn’t booked them very well, so they never reached their true potential together.  As a fan it’s frustrating to see two great performers not given great material to run with, so I cannot imagine how hard it must be for Hardy and Wyatt to be held back the way they have been.