Smackdown 8/14/18

Smackdown Results

Charlotte, Becky, and Carmella in the ring talking smack to each other.

Becky & Charlotte defeat Mandy Rose & Sonya

Miz and Maryse announce through video that their show has already been renewed for a second season.

Becky and Charlotte have an awkward moment backstage.

Bludgeon Brothers defeat Jobbers

Part 1 of the Miz/Bry story.

New Day defeats SAniTy

Part 2 of the Miz/Bry story.

Paige tells Joe to not cause troubles with AJ tonight.  Joe promises nothing.

English sings that he will fight for Rusev Day.

Cien defeats English

Cien & Zelina in the ring talking smack to Lana and Russev on the stage.

Part 3 of the Miz/Bry story.

Jeff Hardy defeats Shelton Benjamin Naka out to the ring and attacks Hardy.  Orton is watching from behind the side of the stage.

AJ in the ring talking up his match at SummerSlam.  Joe out to the stage talking smack at AJ to end SD.



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