A Diva In A Women’s Era

I have been away for two weeks, and it was amazing. If the event had been two weeks longer, I’d have wanted to stay – other than missing my wrestling. Pennsic was so much fun, and I learned so much but was also worried that I haven’t had the chance to go back and watch both episodes of Raw and SD that I missed. No need to worry as this episode brought me right back up to speed. I know I complain about recap videos, but I think this episode did a great job of showing me what I missed but not weighing me down with too much recap. Adding in the Miz/Bry videos and this was a great episode of SD to return home to.


Slow Start

I really like how Charlotte changes up her ring gear. She continues to use previous looks but updated. She learned from her father that your look is almost as important as everything else you do in front of your fans, and she has run with it. Sadly, Becky’s look hasn’t evolved at all, and the singlets she’s been wearing do not suit her body type. Carmella is another one who has really worked her look and tries new and interesting things.  She’s more daring than the rest of the SD Women’s Division combined!

What I don’t like, beyond how this dragged out for too long, is Carmella being proud of being a Diva. I feel bad for the serious female wrestlers who got stuck under that moniker, and I think they did a great thing removing it from the WWE vocabulary.  Bringing it back as an insult is interesting, but i don’t think enough time has passed for that.


Botch? You There?

I was wondering why Charlotte and Becky were in ring gear but Carmella wasn’t. It foretold this match in a rather glaring way.

Sonya really looked out of step working the ring with Becky. Mandy Rose looked a bit off too, but nothing compared to Sonya. Nothing like putting two of the best in the ring with the two greenest. I know they need to learn, and I’m sure they’ve been on the house show circuit, but they still looked rather green here. All those complaints, but I still really like Sonya. Actually, when Mandy Rose and Sonya were in control of the match, they looked a lot better and showed their growing skills.


Irish Tea

Well, Becky really blew off Charlotte here! Will Becky be turning heel? Can Becky carry being heel? Aren’t there already too many heels on SD? Personally, I don’t think the SD Women’s Division can handle another heel at this point unless they got rid of those screechy Aussie girls!


I Like Miz & Mrs.

Miz and Maryse are so much fun together, and this was a cute little video from them.


More Jobbers?

It seems as though the WWE has been using jobbers too much for this era, and should be more focused on getting over the superstars who are sitting on their bums waiting for TV time of any sort. I get bringing in local guys, it’s good for morale and fills more seats, but it does little for those who have basically watched the same team in the same match each and every week. Not saying Harper and Rowan are not great, because they are, and this isn’t their fault, it goes back to booking, yet again!


The History Of Miz & Bryan – In 3 Parts

This was a great video series! This was so much greatness, but it should have been spread out over the course of the weeks leading up to SummerSlam. Honestly, that is the ONLY complaint I have about this video series. Yes, I would have missed seeing them as they aired on live SD, but I would have put up with that as they should have been spread out to build over weeks, not just this go-home.

All of these videos were great. The WWE production department always knows when to pull out all the stops, and they did that here. Though I have to say that it was the rant from each of these men at the end of the third video that made this into something so much more than a great series put together by the production crew, they gave it passion and heart, they made me feel all the problems between these two for the past eight years. They made this the match to watch at SummerSlam, which is exactly what I wrote in my prediction of that match earlier in the day on Tuesday!


Who Did SAniTy Piss Off?

Well, we know McMahon doesn’t like or understand, them, and why, but screwing them out of every match sucks. The problem I have with how the NXT guys are handled on the main roster is because some great superstars have been screwed just because McMahon doesn’t get it. The thing is that McMahon is so out of the loop and is hurting his own company to prove that he is right.

All that being said, this was a great match and these six guys left it all out there. I plan on going back to watch this match again because it was just that good.


Joe Is Shy

I’ve not seen the past two episodes of SD yet, so I’m coming into this blind. I don’t know what Joe has been doing, but this was fantastic! He was decent without a script, but not fantastic. His mic work in TNA was better than AJ’s, but that’s not hard. A few years later Joe is scripted to no end, and it works for him. The personality we saw from Joe there was just wonderful!


English Sings!

I know a lot of people don’t like English singing, but I’m tone-deaf and love him. Yes, he’s a bit nasally, but he oozes personality that I never thought he had when he was first called up. I really want to see him and Cesaro working together because of their similar looks, but also because I think they’d have a lot of fun together.


Not English Day!

I’ve not been at all quiet about my feelings toward Cien and Zelina. His personality in the ring seems to get better each week, but I’d still rather see her working the ring than speaking for him. Hopefully SummerSlam will show McMahon that she should be part of the SD Women’s Division.

I hope they have a plan for English after all of his losses and screw-ups, especially after this jobbing! It would be horrible for him if they didn’t have a direction for him after this, which I worry they don’t.


Coffee Clatch, Sans Coffee

Lana and Rusev are so cute on mic together. Actually, Lana looked amazing on the stage in this segment! I don’t know if she had in colored contacts, but something about her look was different. I thought Zelina and Cien looked decent too, but nothing like the married couple.


Enigma Machine

This was a decent match, but nothing great. Watching Jeff work the ring almost physically hurts. He looks to be in worse shape than Matt, and he’s in horrible shape too. Then there’s the fact that I still don’t get Benjamin. I didn’t like him before, and I still don’t get him now. He’s decent in the ring, but I get nothing from him emotionally. It’s like he’s a void, and I cannot relate to that.  Beyond that, Orton lurking the way he did really gave me pause.  So many questions, so few answers, something I truly love about pro wrestling storylines.


All That Anger

Joe and AJ make me remember how great the feuding between Trip and HBK once was. Good friends make for the best feuds. I fell in love with AJ and Joe (along with EY and Roode) in TNA, but neither of them was at their best without a solid script. EY and Roode did well on mic in TNA because they are able to take a vague idea and run with it, but Joe and AJ need the solid scripting to be that much better. The scripting of this segment was amazing! AJ has always been a really nice family guy, while Joe’s gonna kill ya! They took those two roles and ran with it here, making it into something rather creepy. That one ‘letter’ that Joe read was leaps and bounds above the creepiness of Bray Wyatt and brings him to a whole new level of heel in the eyes of the WWE fans who never watched TNA. So much greatness in this segment between two of the best TNA guys, but now it’s time to spread that greatness to EY and Roode!


Final Flush

This was a really solid go-home episode of SD, and I don’t think it was because I’ve been away from wrestling for two weeks. I think it was an honestly good show, the way Raw was a good show this week as well. This episode really got me pumped up for SummerSlam, which is exactly what a go-home episode is supposed to do. Further, this SD didn’t just get me hyped for one match, but for all the SD matches on the SummerSlam card. I have already finished my predictions for SummerSlam and sent them off to Botch to put all the predicts together for posting because I was just that inspired by both Raw and SD this week.

Queen KB