Brock Lesnar In A Closed Door Meeting? (Rumor)

I need to state that this is a rumor and not from a reliable source.  Please take this as only a rumor until we confirm it.

It appears as though Brock Lesnar is scheduled for a closed-door meeting with some high mucky-mucks in the WWE on Sunday before SummerSlam.  As of this point we don’t know what that meeting might be about, but I think we can infer that it’s about his future with the WWE.

We will post more when it comes to light.


QD – I have such high hopes for SummerSlam and worry that McMahon will agree to let BL work for UFC and the WWE, which is exactly what most WWE fans don’t want.  To be honest, I’ve not spoken to any WWE fans who want BL to stay in the WWE, and fewer who want him to keep the Universal Championship.  The WWE has themselves in a corner at this point, and they have been for a very long time.  It’s time to come out of the corner and get the strap off that part-timer!