G1 Supercard Sold Out Fast, And Some “Fans” Can’t Deal With It!

Can’t We Just Like What We Like And Not Attack Each other? 

There is no point in denying it:  we live in very divisive times. It doesn’t matter if the subjects are serious like politics or social issues or trivial like whether The Last Jedi was a good or terrible movie or whether that voice was saying Laurel or Yanny (the movie was crap and the voice said Yanny…just saying) people just can’t seem to agree on anything these days. Everybody has to pick a side, and nobody can seemingly find any common ground or even debate a topic respectfully. This is obviously evident in the world of Pro Wrestling.

People are not allowed to enjoy all forms of the industry today it would seem. No, you either love WWE, or you love New Japan and Ring Of Honor. You are not allowed to enjoy all of them, and you are certainly not allowed to criticise the other.

Yes, I fully admit I enjoy NJPW and ROH a lot more than I enjoy WWE these days and I am not shy about criticising WWE’s current product. However, that doesn’t mean I never praise WWE when they do something brilliant (the promo videos hyping Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz on Smackdown this week were pitch perfect). Nor does it mean I never criticise NJPW or ROH when they do something silly (The booking of this years G1 Climax tournament was very “Americanised” with lots of DQ finishes and angles featuring authority figures)

Even with such rampant bias and stupidity on both sides of the divide and the fact I do tend to lean on one side more than the other, I do try very hard believe it or not to remain objective in the news I report on and the op-eds I write here on Wrestle Royalty.

Now I have been pushed too far by the statements and actions of “fans” who are biased against NJPW and ROH (I like to call them E-Drones) to the point that it blinds them of all fact and logic. However, unlike Duke Dre I don’t get “Petty”…I GET PISSED OFF!!!

So I’m sorry, but for the remainder of this article I am not going to be objective, and I’m going to say what I truly feel. This is my Righteous Indignation, and I am “shooting” from the hip from now on! You have been warned. 

It’s Ok To Not To Like Another Show, But Dismissing And Ridiculing Other Shows For Their Growing Success Is Deplorable!  

Something happened last week that is sure to result in changes happening within the industry. For nearly two decades now, the only promotion capable of selling out a 20,000 seat arena for a Pro Wrestling show was WWE. Then, that all changed when New Japan and Ring Of Honor announced they had sold more than 20,000 tickets for a co-promoted event over WrestleMania weekend called G1 Supercard. Not only that, but the event will take place in WWE’s unofficial home arena and the Mecca of all indoor arenas on earth…Madison Square Garden. The famed building that Vince McMahon and his father before him promoted sold out Pro Wrestling cards ever since the 1960’s.

Make no mistake about it…this changes things! Yes, WWE is still the biggest game in town many times over, and that is unlikely to change for a  long time yet. Still, you have to be a truly hateful person not to see how that an event like G1 Supercard is a good thing for the industry as a whole. The first reason being that we may now be seeing a serious alternative to WWE programming that may very well turn into competition (which results in all said companies upping their game creatively and producing the best content possible for all fans to consume at their leisure). The second reason is the fact people who work in the Pro Wrestling industry now have more viable opportunities to earn a great living.

I mean, even if WWE did try to pull a WCW and just swoop in, sign up all the talent to stop any other promotion from building momentum it wouldn’t work as those promotions can now afford to pay talent to stay put. Plus, if WWE starts offering huge guaranteed seven-figure deals to people just so they can sign them away from other companies, they will upset certain high-ranking members of their already overcrowded roster who will demand they be paid more than the new signees. Some underrated members of their overcrowded roster who are not appreciated by management or creative may also see the money and the opportunities available outside of WWE and decide to jump ship to ROH/NJPW and become bigger stars. WWE will then offer them bigger deals in the future only for them to decide to stay in ROH/NJPW when that time comes.    

Sadly, for whatever reason (insecurity, ignorance, dogmatic adherence to WWE’s forced fed narrative) some hardcore WWE fans (E-Drones) feel the need to tear this monumental event down and harass anyone excited to see the event (and even people associated with it) online and insist the status quo remains unchanged.

Simply put, these “fans” who insist on tearing down anything that doesn’t have a WWE logo on it and choose to ridicule fans who enjoy even a little Pro Wrestling that rests outside the WWE bubble infuriate me. Further, in my opinion, are far worse people than anybody “Petty Dre” has written about. I may cop flak for saying this, but I firmly believe that this is a fact!

The Same Excuses Every Time!

When ALL IN was first announced by Cody and the Young Bucks, E-Drones came out in force to denounce and ridicule it online. They firmly believed that NOBODY but WWE was capable of selling out a 10,000 seat venue. Fast forward a few months later, and ALL IN did just that in under 30 minutes (with the only promotion for the event being a few social media announcements and a Facebook Live stream). Afterward, E-Drones then started to spew out excuses as to why the event really didn’t change anything within the industry. All of these excuses were illogical and devoid of fact. Now, they are making the same types of excuses after G1 Supercard sold out in a day (three days when counting the pre-sale) all of which are easily dismantled in a few sentences. 

“It wouldn’t have happened if they booked it outside of WrestleMania Weekend Where They Can Cash In On All The Fans Already Being There.” 

WWE has yet to put tickets on sale for WrestleMania 35, NXT Takeover, or any other event for WrestleMania weekend. There is currently zero hype for WrestleMania weekend as WWE has not even started promoting them, so how on earth can G1 Supercard be cashing in on Mania weekend, really?   

WWE sells out big venues 5-6 times a week every week.”

WWE hasn’t actually sold out large-scale arenas 5-6 times a week every week for years. House shows are frequently only half sold, and there are several instances of Raw, Smackdown and even PPV’s not close to sell-outs. Don’t believe me? Check out WWE’s Q2, Q3, and Q4 results over the year or so. They almost all report a significant decline in live attendance figures that the company had to offset by increasing ticket prices.     

“WWE sells out Madison Square Garden every time they run it.”

WWE actually hasn’t sold out the Garden in quite some time. Heck, they ran MSG a few weeks ago with the Undertaker headlining the event and sold 13,000 tickets. To put that in perspective, MSG has a capacity of between 18,000 to 20,000 for Pro Wrestling depending on the seating configuration.  

“WWE Is Still King; This Event Changes Nothing Within The Industry”

Admittedly, E-Drones are half right about this one! While WWE is without a doubt the biggest promotion on earth capable of signing TV deals worth billions. But if you are someone who honestly believes a 30-minute sell-out of the worlds most famous arena that can hold up to 20,000 people by another promotion other than WWE changes nothing…then you are an absolute idiot! 

 “Vince McMahon Doesn’t Care That They Sold Out MSG, He’s Too Busy Counting His Money.”

This one really made me laugh! Vince did everything possible to prevent ROH and NJPW from running MSG. For a moment, he even succeeded with both promotions announcing that there date had been pulled thanks to a phone call Vince had made to the owners of MSG where he probably called in his last favors with those said owners and made empty promises to run more events at the building instead of the much cheaper Barclays Centre. Then, after ROH’s parent company Sinclair Broadcasting (a much larger and much more powerful corporation than WWE) threatened to sue him…he backed off and ROH/NJPW got their originally booked date back!

Don’t Believe Me? Well, Maybe You’ll Believe Someone With First Hand Knowledge Of What’s Going On

I realize that some people will probably disagree with my assessment of certain “fans” I have described in this article. You may feel that the fans I have described aren’t as bad as the “fans” that are biased against WWE or that some of the things these “fans” say might actually be true to a degree and the industry isn’t changing. And if that is the case, maybe you will believe someone who is a lot more on the front lines of the world of Pro Wrestling? 

If you still don’t believe me, or Cody, or even the obvious and logical facts at hand, then let’s just agree to disagree and let each other enjoy the type of Pro Wrestling we enjoy without attacking each other or the people involved in these shows, ok? There is enough hostility in Pro Wrestling fandom (and the whole world in general) without us adding to it!