In the Dark, I Feel at Home…

Hey, kids.  It’s the Baron of all things Botch with another “Pickup”.  This show should have, among other things, put the finishing touches on the match between Cedric Alexander & Drew Gulak.  That’s exactly what happened too.  It even told us a few other compelling stories.  Let’s see how all that happened, shall we?


Mic Brilliance – Lio Rush

Mr Lio 5 Live. I like it!  Interesting approach from him here.  He’s always been so arrogant and done it with a smirk and a wink.  Here, he was just slightly angrier.  I prefer the “smirk and wink” version but this was good too.


Lio Rush vs. Akira Tozawa

Lio’s speed is just frightening.  I’m also really impressed with their chemistry together.  I’d be happy to see them face off several times.  They work extremely well together.  Lots of great back and forth between them.  This has been the longest match Lio’s been in since he debuted.  Excellent way to open the show!


Cinéma de Gulak – Drew Gulak

Nice recap of what Gulak does and his issues with Cedric.  He wreaks of cold calculation and I like it.  I do miss the PowerPoint version of him but this is cool too…if a bit less exciting.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick

This was short but very effective.  It really sells Mustafa’s refusal to stop.  “Extreme exhaustion” makes perfect sense.  This’ll get Mustafa over even more than he already was.


Hideo Itami vs. Trent Newman

Trent works on the indies as Tracer X.  He’s been featured in PCW and CWF too – along with other promotions.  Glad he got some time on “205 Live”. Of course, he was there to job.  A jobber is supposed to make his opponent look good and the good ones do a nice job of that.  Trent is one of the good ones.  He sold well.  Itami is really going a more sadistic route and it works for his character.  This one was actually stopped.  How often does that happen?


Cinéma de Cedric – Cedric Alexander

This was good!  It’s tightly edited and planned so it was going to come off well and it did.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick, Tony Nese, & Buddy Murphy

Another short segment.  These work well.  Drake did almost all the talking and Tony didn’t have a chance to bore me to tears.  Win/win, really.


Cedric Alexander vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

The pin exchange at the beginning was fun.  When Gallagher disappeared under the ring and resurfaced under part of the ring, that was kinda dumb, honestly.  Cedric tried to sell his confusion about where he went but it just looked foolish.  Gallagher put Cedric in the straightjacket but did it in a unique and more vicious way.  The cravat Gallagher put on Cedric was vicious too as no matter what Cedric did, he wouldn’t let go of it.  Good stuff.

Of course, this wasn’t about Gallagher.  This had to be about Cedric & Drew.  Drew coming out to have a little fun was to be expected.  It also made perfect sense that he wouldn’t be alone.  Very nicely done.


I am all about Cedric/Drew at SummerSlam.  I wish it wasn’t on the Kick-off but I get why it is.  That could be a really fun match if they give it enough time.  That shouldn’t be an issue as my beard will fully grow in before SummerSlam finally ends 7 hours later.  Lio is on the fast track to success as he should be too, though I’ll miss seeing him in the ring with Akira.  They definitely have chemistry and as I said earlier, I could see them in several more matches and be completely happy.

See you all next week for another “Pickup”!