You, Paul, Are Drowning

Hey, kids!  It’s the Baron of Botch with another edition of the “Spot”!.  This is the “go home” to SummerSlam so I was expecting a really good show.  What’s really shocking is that I actually got it!  We had a great time in Dignified Discussion this week and while SummerSlam is going to be entirely too long, I think it will be fun in DD yet again.  Come on in and join us!  We’ll start at 4pm EST!  Hope to see you all there.  Okay, on with this week’s show!


In-ring segment – Ronda Rousey and Alexa Bliss (w/ Ember Moon, Alicia Fox, & “Security”)

This was wisely all about Natalya and her loss.  She was just herself here.  Of course, she had to get to work and she did so seamlessly.  She is absolutely not ready to be Raw Women’s champion but I’m not sure it won’t happen.  She is beyond green in there and she botches like crazy.  She’s also extremely stiff.  Her match with Alicia Fox on Raw last week was a new low for her and they’re going to have to orchestrate every breath of the match at SummerSlam for it to come off.  I like Ronda a lot but she’s not ready for this in any way.

Alexa is an absolute rock star on the mic and she was great here yet again.  I have no idea with Alicia was dressed as but she looked completely unhinged and I love it.  I dearly love Alicia so I’m totally cool with it.  Of course, Alexa’s security was completely pointless.  Fun segment!


Alexa Bliss vs. Ember Moon

This was a fun match.  Ember and Alexa have no problem in the ring and Ember doesn’t either so this was very good.  Of course, it had to have a screwy ending.  This was all about moving the Alexa/Ronda match forward this Sunday.  I still say Ember’s Eclipse finisher is one of the absolute best in wrestling right now.


Backstage segment – “The Constable” Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, & Drew McIntyre

Dolph’s hair got a lot of us talking in DD this week.  The first person I thought of was Jeff Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.  He just has the beach bum thing going on and it’s bizarre.  Of course, the content of this was really good.  Dolph can always be counted on for stuff like this.


“The Constable” Baron Corbin vs. Tyler Breeze

Poor Breezie.  What a fall from Jushin Thunder Liger, huh?  I’m glad he’s still showing up on TV but when Fandango went down with injury, Tyler got largely put on the shelf.  A real shame since he can be so much more than he is.

Corbin got away with booking a match he was sure he’d win and this is all about Corbin showing his power behind the scenes.  As it was, it was a good match with decent back and forth.


Kurt Angle & The Constable Baron Corbin

The back and forth between them was a riot.  I had to split it off.  Great stuff.  The Constable can make matches but the GM can add to them.  Nice power struggle there.


Jinder Mahal & Kevin Owens vs. Finn Bálor & Braun Strowman

Another good match.  When Braun tagged Finn in and slammed him on top of Jinder without letting Finn know he was going to do it, I died.  More good back and forth.  Of course, Jinder took the pin as he’s the one who has nothing to do at SummerSlam…as it should be.  Baron got to have a little fun with Finn Bálor at the end too which was perfect.


Backstage segment – Kurt Angle, Jeff Spicoli, & Drew McIntyre

Dolph is fantastic slime.  Both Dolph and Drew are like high school bullies and I like it.  It’s nice to see WWE really using Dolph for something finally. He’s a fantastic heel.


In-ring segment – Ricky Roberts, Elias, & Bobby Lashley

This was high-larious!  Ricky “Stan”-ing Elias.  LOL!!!  Elias put him in his place a little, destroyed the audience, and sprayed ego all over the audience.


Bobby Lashley vs. Ricky Roberts

Lashley came, sprayed boredom, and it cancelled it all out. Of course, Lashley came to chew gum and kick butt and Lashley was all out of gum.  Poor Ricky.  We hardly knew yee.


Backstage segment – The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel)

I dearly love them.  Bo showed doubt beautifully.  This is their biggest challenge and he’s scared.  Curtis talked him out of it and away they went.  Well done!


Deleter of Worlds (“Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt) vs. The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) vs. The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel)

B-Team has the best theme in all of WWE.  It’s all “college sports team” and I love it.  Bray & Matt have never been able to do all they could.  They haven’t done much with The Revival either.  I did love the double sunset flip from Dawson.  Very nicely done.

I have to say that, given what we know of Matt’s current…CONDEESHUN…it’s not a good idea at all for him to be going the daredevil route…but he still did it once.  The superplex on Dawson onto everyone else from Matt was cool to see….even if I cringed watching it happen.  Somehow, through all of this, the B-Team remains undefeated.  I don’t know what else there is for them to do at this point with this approach.  I’m happy for them (tremendously so) but I just don’t know how much longer they can keep the “how are we doing this?” thing going.  Their run-in with Roman in the back was just great.


In-ring segment – Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman

It goes like it always does.  Roman wasn’t particularly interesting and Paul came out and saved it big time.  Paul weaves tales like a master storyteller.  While he did it, Roman just stood there.  When called upon to talk, he finally started to turn the juice on.  As Roman talked, Paul reacted brilliantly.  Paul even broke out in Samoan about a lesson that Roman’s father taught him and Roman still couldn’t be bothered to react sufficiently.

The pepper spray was brilliant!  I didn’t see it coming at all and I love it!  I was somewhat taken in.  In short, everything we’ve been getting for the last couple of weeks was a total ruse.  Brock came in and dissected Roman.

I’m less than thrilled with this development, honestly.  I think it could have been fun had all of this been quite real.  What would Heyman’s role in the match be?  What has Brock become?  How will Roman handle it all?  That wrinkle is now gone.  Sadly, we’re left with the same match we’ve seen before with no added dimension.  Heyman remains in Brock’s corner like he always is and nothing has changed.  I have a feeling this match will be savaged at SummerSlam by the fans if something screwy doesn’t happen during the match itself.


Titus Worldwide (Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews w/ Dana Brooke) & Bobby Roode vs. Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) & Mojo Rawley

There was no reason to care about this match at all.  No one in this match has ever been given any kind of a chance to do anything.  This wasn’t a badly-worked match at all; it just doesn’t matter.  This one got savaged by the interruptions from earlier too.  They are beyond annoying.  I’m assuming this will move the Roode/Rawley feud no one asked for forward.  Time will tell, I guess.


Tribute to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Of course, this was very well done and it was well-deserved.  Nikolai Volkoff & Brian Christopher deserved one too.  No clue why that didn’t happen.  Bizarre…


Ruby Riott (w/ the Riott Squad – Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan) vs. Sasha Banks (w/ Bayley)

Ruby is such a star.  She can work her face off and can talk brilliantly too.  She’s taken on a viciousness she didn’t have pre-injury that I like too.  The storyline between Sasha and Bayley has thus far been completely botched.  This was a decent match.


In-ring segment – Kurt Angle, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins

This was fun.  Dolph has always been golden on the mic and he’s even more so when he’s heel.  Drew pulled his weight nicely here too.  How Vince can have a guy who can cut a promo like the one Dolph cut here and spend years pushing him down makes zero sense.  They have completely missed the boat on Dolph.

The re-emergence of Dean was absolutely perfect.  The place just came unglued when he came out.  Dean is completely unhinged and I love it.  I also love that Renee didn’t say a word during this whole segment.


We got a good show here!  I am sorry to see the lack of wrinkle in the Brock/Roman match.  It all evaporated this week and I don’t think that was a good idea.  They’ll likely pay for that with an epic amount of boos.  I’m pretty much interested in the whole card – even the kick-off stuff.  See you all next week for another “Spot”!