Wrestle Royalty Predicts…SummerSlam 2018!

Hear ye, hear ye!  We at Wrestler Royalty shall now pronounce our predictions for this year’s SummerSlam.  Feel free to respond in the comments below!  Stay tuned in just a few minutes for the polls!

K i c k – O f f   S h o w

Cruiserweight Championship match:  Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak

Baron Botch:  This one will be fun if they give it enough time.  I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t but stranger things have happened.  As for who will take this, Cedric’s run has been athletically satisfying but I do think it’s run its course and it’s time to see what someone else can do with it.  So…


Queen KB: I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve not seen much 205 Live lately, but I do love Gulak and would love to see what he’d do with the strap. I’d be a lot more interested in tuning into the show with someone other than Alexander as Champion.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Drew Gulak

Sovereign Sam:  Oh look! The cruiserweights are getting a match to show they are more than just a network exclusive. If you have wondered when the last time the cruiserweights had a televised PPV match, I will tell you. It was at the Greatest Royal Rumble and that was way back in April. It has been four months since the cruiserweights were more than anything but a WWE Network exclusive. That is rather disheartening considering the amount of in-ring talent that is there on 205 Live. The fact that the cruiserweights are on the Summerslam card, but are on the kickoff hour, has me feeling like something will happen.

A Sovereign Winner and NEW! – Drew Gulak

Duke Dre:  I’ve found it hard to get invested in this one. Both guys are really good workers but I just don’t find either guy all that interesting right now. I really miss power point Gulak and really wish they would have stuck with that, it was one of the most entertaining gimmicks in the entire roster.

Some old tweets of Cedric making jokes of women being raped several years back when he was much younger surfaced and I think that will be the reason why he drops the title as unfair as that might be.  WWE is very serious about its public image at the moment so I expect to see Gulak’s hand gets raised at the end of this one.

Winner – Drew Gulak

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Cedric Alexander


Rusev & Lana vs. Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega

Baron Botch:  I have to be honest.  I don’t really care about this match.  I love all the participants save Andrade; I’m just not moved by the storyline.  Maybe they’ll get me into it.  I certainly hope so.  As for who wins, I’m going with the two who stand to gain the most.

THE WINNAH:  Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega

Queen KB:  Finally we get to see Zelina in the ring! I’ve been begging for this since she came up to the SD roster, and finally we are getting it, but sadly it will be against the worst wrestler on the roster. I will say that the match makes sense, though an enormous step back for Rusev who should be fighting AJ for the WWE Championship, not working the Kick Off against the guy with no personality. Honestly, I most want to see Zelina in the ring, and I want to see what she wears for ring gear – I cannot change who I am on the inside. All that being said, the only way this match should go to Cien and Zelina is if Lana loses it for Rusev, otherwise Rusev needs to win this match cleanly, and quickly. If it was a singles match, I’d call it a blip for Rusev to run over Cien, but with the women involved, and as bad as Lana has looked in the ring each time I’ve seen her, I don’t think Rusev has a chance here.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega

Sovereign Sam:  Well, this program has really been about two things. One, continue the friction in Rusev Day before the inevitable breakup and two, elevate Almas and Vega and see what they can do. For a mid-card program, this has been a pretty solid one at that. The matches have been fairly good and so has the storytelling. I expect Rusev and Almas to see the bulk of the action in this match with Aiden English playing a factor once again.

A Sovereign Winner – Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega

Duke Dre:  This has been a perfect example of how fun a midcard card can be when creative puts in a little effort. I love the constant tension between Aiden & Lana and love how Rusev is caught in the middle, Aiden has been to Rusev what Flavor Flav was to Chuck D but at the same time Rusev has Lana tugging him in the other direction which leaves Aiden left out in the cold neglected.

It’s hard to say if Aiden finally screws over Rusev and Lana here purposely, I say that because I’m already predicting two heel turns for Summerslam so would be overkill. If I was a betting man I’d put money on Almas & Zelina going over with Rusev & Aiden splitting in the post Summerslam edition of Smackdown.

Winner – Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega


Raw Tag Team Championship match – The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

Baron Botch:  The B-Team has been so much fun.  I honestly never thought they’d amount to anything after The Miz left them and moved to Smackdown Live!  I’m so glad I was wrong.  They have turned into real crowd favorites.  My only gripe at this point is that they’re beginning to play out the “underdog” thing.  It’s gone on for a while now and it’s getting a little “long in the tooth”.  I’m not sure where it goes from here.  The Revival has never really gotten a shot.  Part of it has been injury to both of them and part of it seems also to have been Vince’s disinterest in them.  They’re not particularly interesting so I get it.  The B-Team is over like rover right now, though so…


Queen KB:  I know a lot of people think that B Team has already run its course, but I’m not one of those people. Personally, I think that Axel and Bo are great together, both in their ring work and their characters. They are endearing and fun – something Raw needs right now. Further, these two have worked so hard to get this point, so it’s nice to see them getting over and becoming really beloved. Neither were able to get over the way their fathers did, but they have all the tools needed to be great superstars. Revival, on the other hand, are struggling to get over at all, and cannot hold my attention for more than three seconds. That being said, B Team needs to retain so we can see what heights they can go to with the straps.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – The B-Team

Sovereign Sam:  A last minute addition from Raw as we have another match for Summerslam. The B-Team remind me of the Fashion Police when they first found their groove and how over they got with the crowd. The big difference is that WWE recognized it this time and gave them the titles unlike the Fashion Police. It feels like the Revival are starting to get their feet under them but are not quite there yet. Axel and Dallas have made this work and have shown their talent in getting this over when many, including myself, felt they would float down the card when they broke away from the Miz.

A Sovereign Winner and STILL! – The B-Team

Duke Dre:  I’m actually looking forward to this one. They’ll get plenty of time to have a entertaining match up instead of being used as the bathroom break match, and that spells good things for the Revival. Wilder & Dawson can wrestle their butts off and if they get some time here they will get a really solid match out of the B Team.

With RAW really lacking in credible face tag teams with Hardy & Bray out of the picture it seems.  I foresee the B team backing into a win here.

Winner – The B-Team

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – The B-Team


M a i n   S h o w

WWE Universal Championship match:  Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Roman Reigns

Baron Botch:  This particular match began with a very interesting story – all written by Paul Heyman.  He decided that Brock should turn on everyone – even him.  Along the way, he has given some of the best promos I’ve ever seen by anyone at anytime.  He gave the kind of promos that Bobby Heenan, great as he was, could never have delivered.  He was absolutely brilliant in every way and really sold me on this match.  Then, on the “go home”, he took it all away.  He revealed that the whole thing was a ruse.  Now, we’re back at “square one” and, thus, the same old match we’ve seen before.  The only way to spice this up at all is with a “cash-in”.  So…

THE WINNAH VIA CASH-IN – Braun Strowman (and the audience)

Queen KB:  Yes, I’m going there. I’d rather go with my heart and get this one wrong than go with the flow. I just cannot put BL or Reigns down as Universal Champion at this point. Neither are right for it at this point in their careers. Now, I don’t care who actually wins the match as long as Strowman cashes in the case he retains against KO and wins the Universal Championship…as he should have last summer!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Braun Strowman

Sovereign Sam:  Now it is time for me to try and decide who will win the most anticipated rematch of the year. Sarcasm aside, the build for this match has probably been the best compared to all the previous ones in this rivalry. Paul Heyman has lifted this program up to heights I didn’t think were possible and I am actually a bit invested in what happens. Now I totally expect Brock to come in and do his predictable suplexes and F-5s, but I hope the story in the match will be told better than their previous matches. Roman has been a tragic victim of booking and creative and that is the main reason why many fans have become detractors of him. He can work and can be good on the mic but creative has done him no favors at times. With Heyman writing during this program however, it hasn’t felt that way to me. It will be interesting to see how the fans react to this match since this is going to be a very long night of wrestling.

A Sovereign Winner and NEW via cash-in – Braun Strowman

Duke Dre:  WWE has done a pretty good job of adding a new wrinkle to this feud that’s been ongoing since before Mania with the Heyman stuff and the teases of him aligning with Roman only to reveal that him and Brock were playing Roman and us the fans all along. There’s also the potential threat of a cash-in during or after this match which adds a ton of intrigue.

All signs seem to point to Roman finally beating Brock clean BUT I thought the same thing heading into WrestleMania 34. I won’t believe Brock will take a clean pinfall lose to a full-time talent until I actually see it which is unfortunate because I’d love nothing more then to see the Big Dawg finally slay the Beast. So with all that said, I believe Kevin Owens will be walking out of Summerslam as Universal Champion after cashing in during the Roman/Brock match with Roman taking the pinfall

Winner via cash-in – Kevin Owens

Sir Mitch:  

Winner via cash-in – Braun Strowman


WWE Championship match:  AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Baron Botch:  This will be fun.  Samoa Joe has spent the last couple of weeks getting über-personal and it’s been done so well.  Samoa Joe needed to get into his head and he did it brilliantly.  Samoa Joe is such a rock star both in the ring and on the mic that he’s utterly must-watch at this point.  AJ is no slouch either.  He’s one the best workers in the world and his mic work improved to “night and day” proportions from his time in “The Efficiency Apartment that AJ Styles built”.  This match will be really good.  More than anything, we will win because of how good this will be.  I think it’d be fun for Samoa Joe to get a run at the top so…


Queen KB:  I know that the WWE Championship hasn’t changed hands very often at SummerSlam, but it should here. I love the way that Joe has been getting under AJ’s skin, because this is the Joe and AJ I fell in love with in TNA. They really work wonderfully together, and that much better with great writing – not being sent out to wing it as they did in TNA. So much greatness, and if Miz/Bry don’t steal the show, this match will. These two know each other like few others in the WWE (add in EY and Roode and that would be an epic flashback tag match!), and because of that, this feud has only just started. Joe winning the strap is something that makes so much sense, and I’m all good with these two fighting back and forth through WrestleMania.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Samoa Joe

Sovereign Sam:  I just have one wish for this match and that is for WWE to let these two show what they are capable of and give this match 18-20 minutes. Both men have put on stellar matches with one another and they should have no problem doing that here, unless WWE books it poorly. Samoa Joe could very well be the top heel on Smackdown at the moment and AJ is one of the top guys in all of WWE. This would be my pick for the probable match of the night and I do hope it lives up to it. The crowd in Brooklyn should be hyped at the beginning of this match and I expect both men to bring it. AJ has quietly put on the better lengthy title reign between both brands and I just don’t see him dropping that title quite yet.

A Sovereign Winner and STILL – AJ Styles

Duke Dre:  This is one of those matches that looks extremely good on paper and should be extremely good in the ring. The storyline surrounding it though, not so much. This feels like a rehash of an angle they ran in TNA a long time ago. Joe using AJ’s family to get under AJ’s skin hasn’t really drawn the heat that WWE creative was hoping for.

However, I don’t think this ends at Summerslam so creative will have plenty of time to progress this story. I’m calling Joe winning by DQ via account of AJ losing his cool

Winner  – Samoa Joe via DQ

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – AJ Styles


WWE Raw Women’s Championship match:  Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey

Baron Botch:  This has the potential to be a train wreck match-wise.  Ronda’s match with Alicia Fox two weeks ago belonged at Santino Brothers wrestling school in front of five people who could correct all that went wrong rather than in front of a Monday Night Raw crowd with millions watching.  Ronda was truly awful – moving way too fast, botching almost everything she did, and being way too stiff with Alicia.  Alicia, bless her heart, hung in there and made it work but it was just terrible all the way around.  This should have signaled to Vince and company that this match will need to be orchestrated move-by-move in order to look like anything.  Alexa is great in there so she’ll be able to make this look like something.  Who wins?  I’m not sure how Ronda can lose given how she’s been build up story-wise.  She absolutely should lose based on the fact that she’s nowhere near ready…but she won’t.


Queen KB:  No, I don’t think that Ronda should be Raw Women’s Champion, but this is the WWE and we’ve been stuck with a barely part-time blockhead who doesn’t care anything about the product or the fans, only the money he’s making for staying home with his wife, Rena. At least Ronda has worked her bum off to learn everything she can about the WWE and how to work the ring. Further, I love that she’s kept her own look, not trying to compete with the other women who have a glamour that isn’t at all who Ronda is. She does need to continue working on her ring skills, and needs better shorts to work in, but otherwise, she’s a thousand times better than Brock Lesnar!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Ronda Rousey

Sovereign Sam:  There is only one real problem I have with this match and that is how Ronda, while having some good moments, is still very green in the ring. Alexa can handle herself well in there and has improved drastically over the years, so I am interested to see what kind of chemistry they have in the ring. If Ronda takes it easy and doesn’t rush through anything, this has a chance of being a pretty good match. This match just screams of a lot of outside interference from either Alicia Fox or Mickie James or even Natalya. Side note: Rest in peace Jim Neidhart and my heart goes out to Nattie and all of her family during this difficult time. Now it makes me wonder if she will be at SummerSlam and if this tragic death has altered any creative plans they may have had for this match. I expect some sort of screwy finish to this match and for Alexa to do her double-jointed arm thing again.

A Sovereign Winner – Alexa Bliss

Duke Dre:  I assume the finish of this match will undergo some dramatic changes due to the unfortunate passing of Natalya’s father Jim Neidhart. I, along with everybody else, assumed that she would be the reason why Ronda didn’t walk out of Summerslam as champion but with her unlikely to be involved in the match on Sunday, they’ll probably go a different route.

Bliss hasn’t looked like a credible threat at all to Ronda but I don’t think Ronda is winning the strap here either. My guess here is that Mickie James returns to aid Bliss. Bliss via pinfall super dirty.

Winner  – Alexa Bliss

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Ronda Rousey


WWE Women’s Championship match:  Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

Baron Botch:  I think the story here is more about Becky and Charlotte than it is about Carmella.  For the record, I don’t hate Carmella the way many seem to.  She’s great on the mic and she’s really solid in the ring too.  The hate is just that:  hate.  It has no real substance.  There have been rumors surrounding a Becky Lynch heel turn.  She’s never been heel in the WWE so I’d be all for that.  I’d love to see her completely turn on Charlotte Flair and steal the win.  I’d also be okay with them turning on each other to complete distraction and Carmella stealing the win.  The crowing we’d get from it.  Still…


Queen KB:  I really don’t like that Charlotte was added to this match. I wanted to see Becky and Carmella fight it out one on one, but obviously the powers that be (VKM) didn’t think they could carry the match themselves. Really not cool, especially after all they put Asuka through at the last PPV! It makes me feel like they don’t think Carmella can carry the SD Women’s Championship without help in the ring in some way. If they don’t think she can carry in the ring, then why does she have the strap? That is not how you want your Champion to look – weak! There is so much more to the SD Women’s Division than Charlotte and VKM needs to pull his head out and realize that! Anyway, what I think will happen is what happens so many times in Triple Threat Matches like this, the two challengers, even though friends, cost each other the match in some pathetic and obvious way. So sad to see the women being booked like this!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Carmella

Sovereign Sam:  This may be the one match where I had the toughest time choosing a winner. All three have a viable claim to be the victor and I can see all three being possible. Carmella has been hit or miss as champion to me but in recent weeks she has been a hit. Her promo from a few weeks ago was excellent. Becky has put on a good string of solid wins and has shown why she was the first ever Smackdown Live Women’s Champion with her fabulous promo work as well. Charlotte was the last addition to the match and she has done a fine job in playing the last-minute addition role. It feels like there has been a wedge driven into “tea time” of Becky and Charlotte and that could very well play into who comes out on top in this triple threat.

A Sovereign Winner – Carmella

Duke Dre:  I’ve enjoyed the build to this match a lot. Creative did a really good job with this one. Carmella has been fantastic on the mic and has played her role perfectly in all of this so far. Charlotte being added to this makes Becky a lot more interesting as well. It almost feels like they’re slowly planting a heel turn for Becky. The friendship of Becky/Charlotte has been greatly emphasized in recent weeks which makes me think it’ll all go up in smoke on Sunday.

Charlotte wins by pinning Carmella and Becky blows a fuse afterwards and beats down Charlotte.

Winner  – Charlotte Flair

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Carmella


Money in the Bank Briefcase match Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens

Baron Botch:  I didn’t think I’d enjoy this as much as I have.  While there’s been absolutely zero basis for this feud to even begin, it’s been fun watching it move along.  Kevin has to be one of the greatest cowardly heels ever and Braun has been much fun chasing him and making him pay at every turn.  They’ll make a match out of this for sure, too, as they can both work their faces off.  In my world, Braun cashes in tonight so…

THE WINNAH – Braun Strowman

Queen KB:  There is no way Strowman should drop the case here. I understand why they are doing this match, but I think it’s daft. Strowman should be taking the strap off BL, not Reigns, not anyone else. It’s because of this that Strowman needs to keep the case. Honestly, after the Kennedy thing, I have issue with superstars winning the MITB ladder match and then having to defend the case at a later date. I know it’s all storyline and booking, but it’s one of those things I have issue with. Anyway, Strowman needs to retain for the main event.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Strowman

Sovereign Sam:  The last time a Money in The Bank briefcase changed hands after the match was when Edge won it off Mr. Kennedy. Braun has gotten the upper hand on Kevin Owens at every turn and Owens has yet to gain it. Braun doesn’t need the MITB briefcase in my opinion and I think Owens would have made a far better winner of it back at the Money in The Bank PPV. All of their matches and encounters up to this point have been stellar and I do not expect anything less from this one. I feel that whoever I choose to win this match will cash-in later during or after the Universal Title match.

A Sovereign Winner – Braun Strowman

Duke Dre:  Owens has looked like a complete chump this entire feud and has been bullied and punked by the Monster Among Men time and time again. If KO loses this after all that his stock will drop. I think Owens weasels his way into a victory somehow, maybe he has back up to help him deal with Braun (Keith Lee?) or perhaps Strowman just gets careless and cost himself the match.

Winner  – Kevin Owens

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Braun Strowman


Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Baron Botch:  This is one we’ve been waiting for since the infamous segment on “Talking Smack!”.  It’s been cooking a little bit since then but we’ve all wanted it.  Now, we’re finally going to get it.  In the ring work department, this won’t let us down any more than the mic work has.  Both of them can work extremely well.  I couldn’t be happier that this is finally happening.  The vitriol and venom between these two will keep this from being a mat classic.  This will be a fight and a dirty one at that.  Definitive winner?  Yeah, right…


Queen KB:  There is no way that this match will end in any clean way. This feud has been building for ten years, so there’s no way it will be resolved in their first big match against each other at SummerSlam. This will be a great match, but it will also be a mess. This is very much the start of a new chapter in their feud, and nowhere near the end. These two will give us a great match before it’s an ugly mess and no one wins.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Craziness prevails!

Sovereign Sam:  This match-up has been years in the making and WWE have booked it as such from the start. There is no other match on the Summerslam card that I feel will match the storytelling that will be displayed during this encounter. The Miz is highly underrated in the ring and we all know how fantastic Daniel Bryan is. This was the program I was most looking forward to when Daniel Bryan was cleared and now it is here, and I am totally hyped for it. The promos have been amazing, the video packages have done their job highlighting how intense and personal of a rivalry this is and this has potential to be one of the rivalries of the year when all is said and done. Both Miz and Bryan know how to take a loss and not lose any momentum because of it so that makes choosing the winner a bit of a challenge. I wouldn’t call this the sleeper match of the night, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the crowd is into this match from start to finish.

A Sovereign Winner – The Miz

Duke Dre:  This is the one I’m looking forward to the most. The build has been, storytelling and the defining of the characters in this has been top notch.

Ever since that infamous “Talking Smack” episode where Miz absolutely lit into Bryan, this has probably been the most anticipated match in all of wrestling and it’s finally here. If I could describe this feud with a movie line I’d have to steal a line from “The Dark Knight” when Joker famously said to Batman “we are destined to do this forever”. That’s literally the vibe I get from Miz and Bryan.

I’m gonna go out on a HUGE limb here and say that the A-Lister not only wins but wins clean. Regardless of whether Bryan has resigned with the company or not. If Bryan resigns then this feud should definitely culminate all the way until Mania with the title at stake..

Winner  – The Miz

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Daniel Bryan


WWE Intercontinental Championship match – Dolph Ziggler (w/ Drew McIntyre) vs. Seth Rollins (w/ Dean Ambrose)

Baron Botch:  They’ve been doing their best to make this interesting.  Dolph is finally being made into a legitimate worker and the addition of Drew to the mix has been fun.  Now, though, now this is going to get good.  This week, we finally got Dean Ambrose back!  Everything’s finally balanced now so this should be good.  It’s no secret whatsoever that Dolph and Seth can work the ring like few others.  We also know that Drew and Dean will interfere.  I’m thinking, though, that we may be seeing a Dean Ambrose heel turn here.  It would be spectacular!  I like Dolph with the belt so I don’t want him to lose it.  Further, Dean needs to really make a splash so what better way to do it than to turn on Seth the way Seth turned on Roman and Dean years earlier when they were in The Shield together.  The comeuppance will be sweet.

THE WINNAH – Dolph Ziggler

Queen KB:  I’m really looking forward to this one, other than the fact that it very easily could end in DQ. That’s a big problem I have with each superstar being allowed to have someone in each of their corners. On the other hand, I love the thought of Ambrose and McIntyre getting into it in a most insane way possible. McIntyre has been built into something that he couldn’t be previously, but he seems to be more comfortable in his own skin, and really does come off as a huge guy, something he never seemed to be back in the day. It’s strange how his size wasn’t something people remembered about him until his return. Honestly, they need to get him away from Ziggler soon. A quick feud between them, then let McIntyre prove what he couldn’t the first time around. I really think he’s ready, and his outside-the-ring with with Ambrose in this match should prove it. My only hope is that Ambrose doesn’t turn heel on Rollins in this match. He needs to be beloved for a bit longer. That being said, even though Rollins and Ziggler have great chemistry, I am more excited for what will happen outside the ring.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Sovereign Sam:  Dean Ambrose has made his return to Raw and will be in Seth Rollins’ corner. First things first: Dean looks to be in phenomenal shape and he looks primed and ready coming off his injury. There is no doubt in my mind that this has all the potential in the world to be a match of the night contender if they give it time. I seem to say that a lot when it comes to many of these main roster matches, but I still maintain it to be true. Obviously Ziggler will have McIntyre in his corner so some outside interference of some sort should be expected in this match. I am going to have to go with my gut with this one because the more I think about it, the more back and forth I go with it.

A Sovereign Winner and STILL – Dolph Ziggler

Duke Dre:  I predicted that Becky would turn heel earlier in my predicts and I’m pretty certain that Dean will eventually turn on Seth but I’m just not sure if it will be at Summerslam or not.

This match will surely be another classic but again the real story here is actually Dean fresh off of injury. I wanna say that WWE will resist the urge to turn Dean so soon but if not at Summerslam then when? So with that said I’m gonna pick Ziggler to retain over Seth via Ambrose turning heel. Still not very confident in that prediction though.

Winner  – Dolph Ziggler

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Dolph Ziggler


United States Championship Match – Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy

Baron Botch:  This one’s kind of a foregone conclusion in some respects.  Shinsuke hasn’t had the belt long at all.  Further, Jeff has been largely tied up with Orton.  The long and the show of this is that there likely won’t be a winner.  Orton will interfere and keep tearing Hardy apart while Shinsuke gets away with the belt.  This will move Hardy onto a feud with Orton.  

THE WINNAH – Shinsuke Nakamura

Queen KB:  I know I’ve been away for two weeks, but I completely forgot that Jeff Hardy and Shinsuke Nakamura were feuding over the US Championship! They are two greats at very different points in their careers, but they have great chemistry, something Nakamura didn’t have with AJ, sadly. That being said, I have no interest in Hardy winning the strap back. His ring work hasn’t been as crisp as it once was, and he seems to be hurting as much as his brother. It’s not my place to tell someone it’s time to hang them up, but Hardy isn’t enjoyable to watch in the ring, the way he once was. What it is time for is Nakamura taking the US Championship and running with it.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura

Sovereign Sam:  This title match feels weird because the build hasn’t been so much about the title and these men, but about Randy Orton and his heel turn. Even though Jeff has been battling injuries of late, I fully expect him to put on a capable match with Nakamura. Nakamura has become one of the best heels on the roster and I hope he can elevate the U.S. Title because it has been some time since it felt relevant. Given that Orton isn’t in this match, I expect him to get involved in some way during the finish of this one.

A Sovereign Winner and STILL – Shinsuke Nakamura

Duke Dre:  This one feels a bit flat without the inclusion of the viper. I will say this though, Jeff has been able to get better performances out of the King of strong style then most have so far since he got called up so this one should be solid but I don’t foresee this one ending without some type of involvement from Randy. This one ends in a no contest.

Winner  – No contest

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura


Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match – The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) vs. The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, & Big E.)

Baron Botch:  I will always dearly love The New Day.  They have managed to take this cheesy idea they had and they’ve made it last for over four years.  Along the way, it’s morphed slightly and changed but the basic idea remains.  They’re also a whole lot of fun and they sell a metric ton of merchandise.  Better yet, they have substance to back all of this up.  All three are incredible athletes who could all have singles careers if the need ever arises.  The Bludgeon Brothers are really cool too.  I like the gimmick and both can really go in the ring.  The New Day are on the books for longest tag team champion reign in history.  They really don’t need another run.  The Bludgeons, on the other hand, could stand to have theirs extended.  So…

THE WINNAHS – The Bludgeon Brothers

Queen KB:  Sadly, because they’ve been treated so badly since being called up to the SD roster, SAniTy should be facing Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam. They are the only team who could possibly stand up to the Bludgeon Brothers, because no other team is as tough and crazy as SAniTy, yet New Day is going after them again. Yes, New Day is a great team, and they showed some serious work on SD this week against SAniTy – especially Big E lifting Dane like he was a Cruiserweight – but they don’t have that special thing that SAniTy does. Because of that, the Bludgeon Brothers need to retain so they can feud with SAniTy.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – The Bludgeon Brothers

Sovereign Sam:  I am going to be blunt for a second and say the Bludgeon Bros have not worked. The team has talent there, but they have not been able to properly showcase it. The fact that they are still going up against jobbers is just unsettling to me as champions. Now onto the match and I will say that if this is not a squash match, it can be a sleeper hit of the night. Talent is there for this to be a good solid match, but I have no faith in the Bludgeon Bros based on how they have been booked. I hope they prove me wrong and win me over, but I fear it may be too late.

A Sovereign Winner and NEW – The New Day

Duke Dre:  I love the New Day but a really big part of me was hoping that The Bar would of gotten a crack at the Bludgeons, I think that would of been a fantastic physical match. But no need to cry over spilled milk though. New Day/Bludgeons will be a really fun tag match and I think this is where the Bludgeons finally drop the belts so I’m rolling with the New Day.

Winner  – The New Day

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – The Bludgeon Brothers


Finn Bálor vs. “The Constable” Baron Corbin

Baron Botch:  This feud has been kind of fun.  Baron himself (no relation, btw) has been great in his new role as Constable.  He’s really running with it and it’s great.  The look he gets on his face when something is going his way it just a riot.  Finn is the new king of the “glass ceiling”.  Ever since an injury robbed him of his run as the very first Universal Championship holder, he’s never gotten back on track.  I don’t think that’ll change here.

THE WINNAH – “The Constable” Baron Corbin

Queen KB:  Balor needs to win this one. If he’s going to have any shot at being more than the one who should have been at the top, he needs to be booked to be more than that guy who won the Universal Championship first and had to hand it back the next night due to injury. Now, I’m thrilled that Corbin is finally getting over, but it’s Balor who has been screwed six ways to Sunday since the night he had to hand the strap back. So, if Balor doesn’t win this one, I don’t know what is left for him in the WWE.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Finn Bálor

Sovereign Sam:  Well this is a feud that has been based on how “small” Finn Balor is. Does WWE always have to revert back to this type of feud when they have no other ideas for one? I will say that Corbin has found his niche as the “Constable” and is doing the best work he has done in a long time. Then we have Finn and, boy, have they done little to nothing with him for what feels like forever. I hope this is the blow-off to this feud and Finn can move onto the Intercontinental Title scene or something because he has quickly become irrelevant on Raw. Maybe if they do another shake-up, he can move to Smackdown where the mid-card could use someone like him to build around.

A Sovereign Winner  – Finn Bálor

Duke Dre:  Constable Corbin has become a joy for me to watch. Baron has really taking off with the character and made it his own. Him trying to constantly use his authority to belittle and pick on Balor has been a solid midcard feud.

The only thing that sucks here is that both guys really need this win but there can only be one. Given the fact that Corbin stood tall to end RAW I’m gonna pick Balor to win clean here.

Winner  – Baron Corbin

Sir Mitch:  

Winner – Baron Corbin


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