SummerSlam 2019 Location???

For the last 4 years, SummerSlam has been housed at the Barclay’s Center. Prior to that, it was housed in LA from the Staples Center for several years. Will the streak of Barclay’s continue? It appears the answer is no!

Joe Peisich from Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast has reported that the 2019 SummerSlam may be going international! No, it’s not overseas international, but rather a location that has significant history in WWE. The location is the same place that housed Wrestlmania’s 6 and 18. That’s right, word is SummerSlam may very well be held in Toronto, Canada at the Roger’s Centre (former SkyDome)!

Next weeks Raw and Smackdown are both emanating from Toronto in the Air Canada Centre. There is even word that one of those days, or possibly Sunday, will be designated as WWE Day, which will have special events and a press conference to make this announcement. If this comes to fruition, this will mean that they could potentially sell up to 65,000 seats for this event. That increase would be monumental from the 16,000 the past 9 years. This also coincides with the 2019 Royal Rumble moving to Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ with a capacity 49,000. It appears that WWE is making a move to have their big 3 (Rumble, Mania, SummerSlam) as big as possible.

Jester’s Jest: I hope these rumors are true. I would love to see the big 3 shows put on a big stage like this. They deserve the massive fanfare that goes along with them. When I first heard “International”, I was honestly hoping England, but I think this is a step to make that happen in 2020, most likely with WrestleMania.