Cosplay As A Wrestler

After three days in a row of great WWE shows, I was worried that they would drop the ball with SD, but they didn’t. The WWE gave us so much great wrestling for four days in a row and anyone not happy with what the WWE did, well, maybe they should walk away from the WWE and not look back. They cannot entertain 100% of the fans 100% of the time, but I think they came as close as possible with these past four shows. I’m also thrilled that I got to write about a great SD after Botch had such a great Raw to write about yesterday.


See Where This Is Going!

I don’t know if it was my TV or Miz, but his eyes looked really pink. Now, Miz is the type of superstar who would do something to make himself cry before going out there, just to look that way. Like Ambrose in the blizzard for an hour before his segment so it really looked like he hitchhiked to Connecticut from New Jersey. Miz is that dedicated, though he started smiling a bit into Maryse’s hair there when he hugged her.

Miz is famous for trolling the fans, though I have to say I’m shocked at how happy the fans were when Miz said he was retiring. We need amazing heels like Miz to make the WWE world go around. He really is one of the best on mic, only to be topped by Trip this week. No one else will top Trip and Miz on mic this week, they are just the best in the company right now.

Bryan is so endearing and so mad. It’s great to see him continue to not take crap from Miz. He was all up in Miz’s grill, but Maryse took it to a whole new level, as we all knew she would. Then there’s Brie who I had no issue with there. She was all over Miz and looked great bouncing to the ring. Yes, she looked as great bouncing to the ring as Steph did back in the day. Brie is sexier with her lean but sexy curves. Carrying and giving birth to Birdie changed her body in a beautiful way. (Sorry Mitch.)


Slap Nuts!

I know that’s Jeff Jarrett’s thing, but Jeff Hardy went there on Orton. We (in the DD) all thought that Hardy would be destroyed by Orton again this week, but he took matters into his own hands. Well, not hands exactly. I guess Nakamura started something new on SD, nuts stomping to get out of a match. Not a great match, but not bad either. My problem is that Jeff is not the man he once was, and seeing him work the ring is starting to become painful. Further, watching him work outside the ring, trying to hit moves that came so natural to him twenty years ago, makes me cringe. I know I’m not the only one. While I hope this is his retirement feud, I doubt it is, and Orton’s the last one I’d want Jeff Hardy to face in his retirement feud. Not saying that this is his retirement feud, but it has to be coming sooner than later.


Those Shirts Are Ugly!

I know SAM loves the shirts, I really do not. Thought the Good Brothers were great on mic here! Who were those bald guys? I really thought they had no charisma, but every once in a while it pops out and they are just great. They were better than The Bar here, and while The Bar isn’t the best on mic, they are usually leaps and bounds ahead of The Good Brothers.


Naomi Works A Match!

Naomi deserves so much more than what she’s been getting. This match was really not very good, and we know Naomi is better than that. While Peyton is better than Billie Kay, she still isn’t great in the ring, from what I’ve seen, which only hurts Naomi that much more. Hopefully the spot she had in the fight between Becky and Charlotte is setting up for something bigger going forward. All the women need something bigger going on as we move toward the Evolution PPV. Fingers crossed that Naomi will get a decent match in the PPV, and it’s against someone who can really go in the ring, because it seems as though Naomi is the one who gets stuck with those who just are not so great and it only goes to make her look not as great as she truly is in the ring.


Big E’s Ribs!

I’m drooling just thinking about those ribs Big E was eating! I think ribs and pancakes should be the next chicken and waffles. Waffles always get the short end of the stick, but not in my house. Hubby makes the best waffles, to the point that I bought him a cast iron waffle iron to be used over an open fire. Hoping to break it out in October! Anyway, pancakes and ribs, yum!

I was really surprised to see Big Show on SD this week. I thought they would keep him off TV to sell his ‘injuries’ even though it was Rowan who was really hurt in the match. I have to wonder what the plan for Big E was, and how it’s changed since Rowan’s injury.


Straight Fire!

I cannot believe that anyone said Becky wasn’t amazing on mic. We all know who I’m talking about, and he’s right there with McMahon in his cluelessness! Becky Lynch has been held back, but she broke out of her shell in this segment and became something so much larger than life, so much larger than Charlotte Flair. These two women will be destroying each other for us and proving that they are being booked the way they should be, unlike Bayley and Sasha.

I love that Paige brought out the rest of the Women’s Division out there to break them up. Naomi stepped up in there and was pie-faced for it. I hope that was either scripted or loved by how well it was done off-the-cuff because it looked real and played out really well.

As far as I can recall, this was the first time the women’s locker room emptied to break up a fight on orders of a GM. Yes, there have been fights broken up backstage for years, but never like the men do in the ring, with the rest of the locker room trying to keep them apart, but unable to do so. I love it!


Same As Sunday!

Watching this match, it appears as though this is the same match we saw at SummerSlam. Many of the moves happened in the same order, right down to the split screen, only this time it was a commercial, not Ronda’s video package. I’m floored! I thought I was seeing things until I really started watching. I don’t have the tech savvy to put both matches side-by-side, but I’m sure someone will do it and point out just how similar the matches really were. Every little quirky things from the first match happened here. Does McMahon really think no one watches the Kick Off to PPVs?

Only when English appeared did things change. So I guess that means that they cannot win without English? I gave this match a better grade than I was planning (which was ) because of how they changed up the ending with English, who I really adore.


Champion Of NakAmerica!

This man infuriates me some nights! He’s such a great heel, his ring work is superb, and he has mad ring skills, yet he runs so hot/cold when it comes to his mic work and charisma. Not saying he doesn’t have charisma at some moments, just that it sometimes doesn’t ring true with the words he’s saying. It’s beyond time they find someone who has chemistry with Nakamura and put them in a feud. As of now he’s a great heel with a belt and no direction, and that’s how it’s been for much of his time on SD! Even when he was feuding with AJ, it didn’t feel right because they didn’t have chemistry in the ring. For such a great and well-rounded man, he’s really struggled to make things work.


Daddy’s Gone Night-Night!

Joe is downright amazing! Those of us who have watched the majority of his career (and I was lucky enough to get to write about a lot of it) know just how far these two can and will go together. Further, we all know how great Joe is. TNA really screwed up by bringing in Hogan and Bisch. It was Hogan who thought Joe was too fat to be a good wrestler and sent him home. That was the beginning of the end of Joe’s life in TNA. So while Hogan screwed Joe and the fans – along with so many other wrestlers – I’m not sure Joe would have ever left TNA and ended up in the WWE. Catch-22. Anyway, many of us have been wanting to see these two feud in the WWE, and we are in a great time, because they’re still young enough to give us so much of themselves, as they always do – other than when things got really bad in TNA and they lost their smiles. Still not thrilled with AJ’s daughter Annie being used the way she was Sunday night, but I’m not the one who put her in that spot in the first place, and she’s young enough that she really won’t remember it for very long.


Carmella Lost Weight!

I so want to see R-Truth in and out of Paige’s off each week. He’s so funny and makes every segment he’s in that much better. They didn’t even have to show him picking Carmella up, because Paige sold it with her facial expressions. We need to start a petition to have R-Truth as SD’s Constable! This segment was proof that Paige needs a foil, and why not someone who could add so much more to every segment she’s in. While R-Truth is old enough to be Paige’s father (he’s about twenty years and six months older than her), they have great on-air chemistry, and watching a frustrated Paige trying to run roughshod over R-Truth could add so much more to every episode they are on. Further, I can see Shane putting them together just to sit back and watch the hilarity ensue!


It’s A New Championship Run, Oh Yes It Is!

Seeing the two smallest members of New Day going against Bludgeon Brothers was odd, and they would have been splatted all over the place if Rowan hadn’t been injured. If Rowan didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. I truly feel bad for Rowan, as each time things seem to be going his way, something happens, usually injury. Now, I give him HUGE props for going into this match injured so they could drop the straps. That’s the only reason that this happened, and the only way it could have happened because Bludgeon Brothers have plowed through New Day over and over since they debuted as this team.

I honestly wondered if Big E might turn heel in this match, and it’s something that might have worked if they hadn’t had to get the straps off Harper and Rowan. Hopefully this doesn’t put these two too far back, because they’ve worked so hard to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. So, who will go after New Day and the Tag Team Championship next? Hopefully Sanity!


Final Flush

Wow, what a week in wrestling! TakeOver was epic (still working my way through the show), as always. SummerSlam was better than expected with a great flow and solid matches with some serious zingers. Raw was a beautiful show from start to finish with very few fails in the middle. SD was the final night of greatness to finish off the summer season of WWE. We should all be happy with the work all these wrestlers did for us. They put their bodies on the line, worked as hard as if this was WrestleMania, and left us with some fantastic memories to go back and visit on the WWE Network, as well as some great questions that will be answered in due time. Personally, I feel this was one of the best SummerSlam weeks we’ve ever had, and that’s saying something!

Queen KB