Lesnar Update & Rumors

Prior to, and following, the big match between Lesnar and Reigns, several rumors were flying all around concerning the future of Brock Lesnar in the WWE. The largest of these was Vince McMahon making the decision to end the match early. We can now confirm that was FALSE. The entire match went down 100% as planned and scripted. The only modification made following the Raw prior to SummerSlam was to add Braun Strowman at ringside to take the heat off the match and to keep fans from leaving due to interest. Cutting off immediately following the match was intentional to prevent hijacking once the Brooklyn crowd realized the cash in was never happening.

Lesnar was advertised to appear on Raw this week, however, he never did. This was a deliberate move by WWE to keep everything up in the air and speculation rampant on the finish and contract status of Brock. The segment between Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle was actually taped on Sunday night sometime during SummerSlam, most likely following the match to prevent spoilers. Brock took a private plane home immediately following SummerSlam and had no intentions on appearing Monday Night, in fact, it was never in the script for him to appear.

As for the contract status, Brock and Vince McMahon did meet to discuss a contract, but not to the detail it appeared previously. It appears that WWE is done with Brock for now as they want him to focus on his UFC match, as well as prevent conflict between UFC & WWE. It is reported that the door is open to Brock to return at anytime he wants, but most likely won’t until after his UFC match.

Jester’s Jest: This is why here at Wrestle Royalty, we don’t like to report much on rumors unless there is a high likelihood of truth with some evidence behind it. All of this was being hyped up by other sources with ZERO evidence of ever happening. As for Brock being done with the WWE for now, good! It’s time to move on from a part-time champion that demands his way or he’s out to someone that has their heart truly in the business, even if it is Roman Reigns.