The “un-heel” turn of Becky Lynch

Backstage….around 1pm today…


Jester Jason – I just had a feeling they were going to do something like they did [the editing of the Becky Lynch promo for YouTube]

Baron Botch – Ridiculous. They should have just let it be what it was.

Sir Mitch – Disagree, when something isn’t working you don’t keep forcing it. WWE’s biggest issue booking wise these days is not knowing when to keep pushing something and when to rethink something!

Baron Botch – What are you disagreeing with?

Jester Jason – I think the backlash they got over Reigns and Lesnar opened some eyes there  Reigns and Lesnar failed terribly for the past year trying to shove it down our throats. I hope they saw the light and see it’s not worth going down that path again.

Sir Mitch –  That they should keep the Becky angle going as is instead of changing it!  That’s what you were saying wasn’t it or did I misread Botch? If so, Sorry!

Jester Jason – But how many more fans are they willing to alienate by doing so, Mitch?

Baron Botch – I don’t think we’re disagreeing. I’m just saying they should just let the audience do what they’re doing. If they cheer her, so be it.  They were going to cheer Becky anyway as Jason said. Let them.

Jester Jason – Since Wrestlemania 2017 to present, they are down over 1 million viewers per week. I can’t confirm this, but I think it’s mostly due to programming not listening to the audience and shoving the whole Lesnar/Reigns thing to us during most of that time.

Sir Mitch – That’s actually another thing I’m going to cover in my article. The debate that fans just boo whoever Vince wants to push now and he should ignore them or Vince is forcing things that don’t work and he should be more receptive to fans!

Baron Botch – See? We DO agree. Just let them do what they do. Having Becky turn on Charlotte freshens her character nicely.

Sir Mitch – I’ve honestly changed the format of my article 4 times now LOL.

Jester Jason – But it wasn’t just the arena cheering. Fans were praising Becky on Twitter and Instagram as well

Baron Botch – Agreed, Jason. We ALL loved it!

Jester Jason – I didn’t get to include any because there were just so many

Baron Botch – Becky got to be a total rock star on the mic too.

Jester Jason – If they really want her heal, have her team up with The Bar.  Which goes back to my article a few months ago regarding factions

Baron Botch – Why can’t it just be, “I hate Charlotte because she took a title opportunity from me and I’m sick of being second banana” rather than “I’m heel, gosh darn it”?

Jester Jason – You mean like they did in the edited video?

Sir Mitch – Yes they were. But the problem remains they didn’t want Becky to be a heel. They want to get behind her as a face. Doesn’t matter if a storyline is good or not!

Baron Botch – It wasn’t that way on the broadcast. I confess to not having watched the video.

Sir Mitch – Like I said before It’s kind of like Luke in TLJ. Interesting idea to turn him into a bitter old man and that opens up a lot of opportunities…but that’s not what people expect or want from that character!

Jester Jason – Seriously, watch the video

Baron Botch – They wanted Becky to be heel. She went after the audience.  I will, Jason. Give me a few.  I’m doing 205 too.

Jester Jason – And it failed

Baron Botch – TOTALLY

Sir Mitch – No, they wanted her to have her Daniel Bryan moment and chase the Title and finally win!

Jester Jason – Some say it’s because it was Brooklyn. I say it would have the same result anywhere.

Baron Botch – Nah. Again, she went after the audience. They didn’t have her back, darn it. Remember?  She didn’t just make it about Charlotte

Sir Mitch – Actually they did, she has been constantly the most popular Women on SD for two years!

Baron Botch – I’d refer to the clip but WWE apparently really changed it.  She has. That’s why when she went for the audience, it failed.
She did all she could.

Jester Jason – Even while out on injury.  Even while injured, she was among the most popular

Baron Botch – I’m watching the clip now.

Jester Jason – By the way, was my opening of my opinion about us reporting OK?

Baron Botch – The EDITING though!

Sir Mitch – Hence my point about pushing something that will never work no matter how clever it is! Sometimes in any fictional medium, people hold a character in such high regard that some kind of clever twist designed to liven the character or the medium they appear on just doesn’t fly because the audience is too attached to that character and their struggles and are too invested in seeing them overcome them to accept anything different. Same goes for characters who do bad things and suddenly turn good out of the blue. Even if its done in a clever way…the audience just doesn’t buy it. In my article I explain why WWE should have known this and need to read their audience better.

Baron Botch – I can’t believe I’m saying this….but they’re doing this right.

Jester Jason – In what way?

Baron Botch – The “I don’t care about the audience” thing is gone.  It’s only about Charlotte now.

Jester Jason – Exactly. I get the impression they are going to flip the heel/face turn

Baron Botch – That’s like life!  Becky doesn’t hate everyone nice. She just hates Charlotte.

Jester Jason – Honestly, Charlotte plays a better ***** on the mic

Baron Botch – Her hate is focused. They should have done this live.

Queen KB – When she’s not screaming.

Baron Botch – Mitch is dead on.

Sir Mitch – And it makes you think why they can’t try something like this with Reigns doesn’t it?

Baron Botch – The clip makes that happen. It should have been live this way.  Agreed. The era of heels and faces is passé.

Sir Mitch – Something doesn’t work…stop forcing the issue and adapt!

Baron Botch  – It’s really good.  WWE is actually doing that with Becky.  The editing was actually…unbelievably…exactly the right thing!
The only way it misses is that it should have been live too.  I can’t even believe I’m giving WWE credit for a good storyline move…but I am!

Jester Jason – Ed, it’s because we’re so used to them failing it the past 5 years

Baron Botch – Agreed. They suffer from “The Roman Complex”. This is totally the right thing. Good for them…and Becky!

Sir Mitch – Believe me, I wish Pro Wrestling characters would become more like characters from shows like Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy. Morally Ambiguous characters that are more complex and true to real life. But most promotions stick to hard and fast rules of heel and face. So if they have to do that, can’t they at least change things up when heel or face push isn’t working like they’ve done with Becky?

Jester Jason – The last time the audience had this much impact on results and future was Daniel Bryan

Baron Botch – Agreed totally on moral ambiguity. That’s life!  So glad you wrote that article, Jason. I wouldn’t have bothered with that clip if you hadn’t.

Sir Mitch – I’ve changed the format a bit [on an article I’m writing], but it is essentially a study on why WWE can’t write their characters in ways like we have discussed here and why they can’t do what they are doing with Becky now with everyone when something isn’t working. Namely, stop forcing something that isn’t working, read the audience and book accordingly!

Baron Botch – Jason’s right. The audience demanded a change for him and they’re doing it with Becky. They couldn’t ignore it.  The backstage thing is going to step on that part of your article, Mitch.  We’re going into it here.

Sir Mitch – Exactly, do the same with Roman but in reverse.

Baron Botch – They’re doing it!

Sir Mitch – Its ok! I’m going to go a lot more in-depth in my article!

Jester Jason – I get that it’s a fine line between where to listen and not listen. Obvious that the night after Mania is not a good place to draw conclusions.

Baron Botch – Agreed, Jason. Mania Fervor is not the best barometer.

Jester Jason – But with this, Bryan, Legacy, Michaels with JBL, and others, it’s the right thing

Sir Mitch – No, but 2-3 years of the audience saying do something different is!

Jester Jason – I just remembered that attempt to turn Shawn that failed

Baron Botch – Agreed, Mitch. The Becky thing forced them into such a quick “about face”.


Sound off below.  What do you think of this sudden alteration in Becky’s storyline?