Monday Night Raw (8/27/18)

Raw Results

Reigns to the ring to call out Strowman.  To the ring, they hash things out, plan on their Championship Match in HIAC.  McIntyre & Ziggler out to the stage to talk smack.  Corbin out and makes the main event a Tag Team Match between the two in the ring and two on stage.  Reigns calls Strowman ‘Meat Shack’ again.  Corbin to the ring and challenges Balor to a match, next.

Corbin defeats Balor after changing the match to No DQ after Corbin used a chair and lost via DQ.

Sasha defeats Dana

Seth Rollins defeats Kevin Owens to retain the Intercontinental Championship

After a commercial break, Kevin Owens is sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring and says, “I quit”.

Revival defeat B-Team

Elias is in the ring and plays his guitar. He runs down Toronto and is interrupted by Trish Stratus. They have a back and forth and Trish slaps Elias. Ronda Rousey’s music hits and she walks out followed by Natalya’s music and they make their way to the ring for Natalya’s match with Alicia Fox.

Natalya defeats Alicia Fox 

Natalya, Trish, and Ronda are walking backstage and are bumped into by the Bellas. The Bellas announce they will be returning to competition next week.

Lashley defeats the Ascension 

Dean Ambrose defeats Jinder Mahal

Strowman & Reigns vs McIntyre & Ziggler ends in a No Contest. Post-match McIntyre, Ziggler and Strowman beat down Reigns. Rollins and Ambrose come down to make the save but each get beaten down as well. Strowman, Ziggler, McIntyre stand tall to end Raw.


Does Renee Young have a New Attitude?

If You Only Knew, would you like Tyler Breeze to have an IC Title run?

Would Alexa Bliss wear white after Labor Day If You Asked [Her] To?

If Somebody Loves You, babe, would that someone be Ronda Rousey?

Will Braun Strowman’s cash in on Roman Reigns Feel Like Another One?

None of these questions will be answered by either Patti LaBelle or by tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”!