Wade Barrett Reflects On His Final Run In The WWE

Wade Barrett is in a new movie, I Am Vengeance, and has kept busy in his role on World Of Sport show.  On his media tour he answered some questions about his last run in the WWE.

“So my last run in WWE I was portrayed as The King Of The Ring. I won a tournament called the King Of The Ring tournament and I became The King of wrestling which I was hoping at the time when it initially happened that it was gonna springboard me into bigger and better things in WWE.”

“I felt that the direction the character took was a little hokey. I was kind of asked to wear a plastic crown and a ridiculous outfit and stuff like that — which if you go back to the ’80’s worked great, there were some great King Of The Rings back then like Haku and Harley Race and all these legends of wrestling and that worked for them.”

“I felt that in 2016 that I was doing that character that I thought it was a little hokey and I wasn’t being allowed to have the kind of creative latitude with the character to do what I wanted to do and do the things that I felt an audience would enjoy as The King of wrestling.”

“So that was one of the reasons why I kind of soured on my job and my contract came up to an end around April 2016 and I decided not to extend it at that point and move onto new ventures like I Am Vengence.”

“So yeah, it was kind of a sad run for me because it was the end of what had been a lot of fun, but I knew for me it was time to move on.”

QD – I have to say that I’m glad he’s doing well, but I was never a fan of his work in the WWE. He really never came through for me in the charisma/talking dept, and he had a glass jaw. I’m glad he’s found his niche, and he’s completely right about his final run in the WWE, it was bad.