Nick Aldis And The Road Less Traveled To ‘ALL IN’

The NWA Title Match Is 'ALL IN', but what's next?

September 23, 2017

Nick Aldis, having already wrestled once already earlier in the evening, would challenge Tim Storm at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship..yes THAT NWA Title held by greats by Harley Race, Ric Flair, and Dusty Rhodes.


Nick Aldis vs Tim Storm at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood photo: CWFH


Aldis would lose that match, but then in a rematch in December, he would claim the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and embark on a world tour that title hadn’t seen since the NWA’s heyday in the late 70’s and early 80s. Aldis would mount 20 title defenses over the spring of 2018, known as #TenPoundsOfGold or ‘The Aldis Crusade’.

Nick Aldis and new steward of the NWA brand, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), are looking to return the NWA Championship to its former glory and look to be doing a very good job of it. Aldis has traveled EVERYWHERE to defend his coveted title. From California, to Texas, to Florida, to Connecticut, and even to China. His notable defenses against Flip Gordon at a ROH show, Colt Cabana in China, and Tommy Dreamer in Philadelphia have led Aldis to Chicago, ALL IN, and a date with Cody.


Cody wants a shot at the NWA World Championship photo: ROH


In the near 9 months since winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Nick Aldis (formerly known as Magnus in TNA/GFW/Impact/whatever they are calling themselves this month), has sought to bring the prestige back to a title that many have written off and declared dead and buried. A match with Cody at the biggest independent show ever ‘ALL IN’ will ensure the legacy of the NWA title continues its ascent. The question is who walks away from ‘ALL IN’ with the prize?  The defending champion who has returned that title to prominence or the son of one of its greatest champions?


Cody at WK11
credit: NJPW World