Take A Knee

An episode of SmackDown that starts with a five crown segment and ends with a five crown segment, is Mercury doing back-flips? I don’t want to rock the boat by saying too much, but I’m really impressed with most of what I’ve seen from the WWE these past two days and hope that the WrestleMania upswing has started early this year. Either that or they’re building toward Evolution, which is downright fantastic in my book!


Never Go Full Saxton

We all know that Rowan is injured and that’s why the Bludgeon Brothers had to drop the belts last week, but New Day started this quite well, and I was wondering where they were going until King Bookah came out and I was marking out with the best of them. Dubbing them Lord Xavier The Wise and Sir Kofi The Brave was great and wonderful but Big E, was obviously unhappy about not getting a royal name! As we are all about royalty here at Wrestle Royalty, and in the other side of my life, I’m all about my Queen Caoilfhionn and King Brennan, I have to appreciate Bookah coming out the way he did and hitting his spineroonie. I could rip on King Bookah’s robe and crown, but I won’t, because he’s not a SCAdian and doesn’t really get it. Honestly, I was thrilled to see him back in his best role (better than GI Bro), and with New Day for this segment, because it really was perfect all the way around.


We Are The Bar!

Following up on the opening segment, there are The Bar in their kilts. I feel like my two favorite things have been pulled together in the best possible way. I think I need to tablet weave myself a WWE logo belt!

We had just been talking backstage that Primo had been on the WWE main roster for a decade now, and here he is! I honestly have no clue why they release guys like Sandow and keep guys like Primo and Epico around. I know they’re house show staples and work really well with almost any other team, but you would think that the WWE would want them on TV to round out either Tag Division, but they’re so rarely around that when they do appear it’s a shock to our sensibilities.

I don’t think anyone is surprised that The Bar won this match. The Good Brothers haven’t gotten anywhere in the WWE, and Los Matadores/Shining Stars have nothing but a paycheck!


Paige In Charge

Rusev’s reaction to the match next week was so bad that it was funny. He so absurd, and over-sold that, and I almost fell over. It’s already an inside joke in our house, and it happened less than five minutes ago. I truly hope that he doesn’t catch crap from McMahon over that reaction, because it could be a great direction for him. I love Rusev’s personality, and I think they could do so much more with him, let him show who he is, the way Big E does every week. Please WWE, let Rusev be who he is for us, his fans!


R-Truth Is Money!

Yep this is Tye’s life! He said it in a nutshell! I feel bad for him, but he broke kayfabe there in the most lovely of ways.

I’m still in awe that Cass and Zo are gone and it’s Carmella who is killing it each and every week on the main WWE roster. Not just that, but she won gold that they never could. You never really know what is going to happen in the WWE, both scripted and backstage, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted that she’d be the one on the roster killing it while they’re out of the company trying to bank on their five seconds of stardom!


Iconic Pain In My Brain!

I’ll say it, I want Naomi’s shoes! Further, Naomi uses that hair wax for the color on the ends of her hair. I have been thinking about trying it myself, though I usually just go all out and dye my hair when I want a new color, but a temporary thing could be fun too.

I will give Billie Kay and Peyton Royce credit for not letting the chants throw them off their game. They just kept going, and that’s truly hard to do when one person is trying to derail you, never mind thousands! That’s the only credit I’ll give them because Billie Kay in the ring is just horrible, even with Naomi. Naomi usually makes everyone look better, but Billie Kay is so bad that even Naomi couldn’t help her.


Brie Mode

Brie is such an adoring wife. Yes, she’s a bit plastic here on mic, but she always is. It’s the way she looks at Bryan that says so much more than her words. She also looked fantastic out there. Brie really grew into a woman when she had Birdie. She has curves that are beautiful on her, but more than that, she has a totally different air about her, something that oozed off her when she and Nikki were all Twin Magic. I’m actually enjoying this version of Brie, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to watch Total Bellas anytime soon! No thanks, I’ll stick with Miz & Mrs. for my reality TV viewing.

Zelina was great here. She sold it all really well against a power couple in the WWE. Then there’s Almas. Why do they let him talk? Really, why? Bryan couldn’t help himself from laughing at him. I understood nothing he said, and I know some Spanish. Nothing there was good from Almas, which is why he should never speak on camera, ever!

Paige sold that beautifully! Bryan actually handled it really well too. It’s obvious that both of them know how to work the fans even when things don’t go the way they’re supposed to.


Maryse Mode

This match was great from start to finish, protecting both men in the actual match from taking the loss while pushing the Bryan/Miz storyline and getting both wives involved while also having Zelina taking a bump. While what I’ve written here is short, this match was not at all short on everything that makes for a great match, all the way around, inside the ring and out. This is the type of booking I’ve been begging to see on WWE TV for so long. This is greatness!


Who Is Heel?

Really hard to figure this out with Charlotte’s promo here, though it was great. This was sorta Charlotte in NXT January 1, 2015. I watched that episode of NXT this morning and was floored by how similar Charlotte’s promos were, and interestingly enough, Becky was a heel then. Also, it seems like other than Bayley and Asuka, it’s a prerequisite to get hair extensions to be on the main roster, but that’s a whole other article.


We Want Becky!

Well, had to suck to be Carmella! The fans are speaking, and speaking loudly, but will the old man actually listen? Will Trip actually stand up to the old man over this? When will Trip stand his ground for HIS superstars? What about Steph, she’s always talking up the female superstars, pushing them as they should be pushed, will she stand up to her father? When will she stand up to her father?

All that being said, this was a really solid match. Anyone who says Carmella cannot work isn’t paying attention. Back to that episode of NXT I mentioned earlier, she faced Blue Pants and looked no better than my daughter Sam would look in the ring if she was thrown in right now, and she’s at a really awkward stage. Carmella has worked her tush off to become a top superstar and is proof that sometimes hard work really can pay off.


You B***h!

I’m loving this Becky Lynch! She is downright scary, and I love it. Something about her accent adds so much to what she’s saying, as does the look on her face and how she holds her body. She’s full-on hatred for Charlotte, and it’s working in a most beautiful way. Fingers crossed that they will continue booking this as they should, not as McMahon normally would.


Final Flush

What a great episode of SmackDown! I’m blown away by the booking of this episode, though I’m a bit afraid to put it in writing because someone at the WWE will see it, make a comment which will get back to McMahon, and he will start throwing his weight around again. Can’t have ANYONE who writes about the WWE professionally love things too much because we are the lowest of the low in his eyes. He will steal our ideas for his own use, but when we are too happy, they freak out and take all the beauty away from us. Fingers crossed that I haven’t spoiled it all in this one Flush.

Queen KB