Wrestle Royalty Predicts….ALL IN!

Come one, come all!  We now present to you our predictions for the positively game-changing “ALL IN” PPV being held this Saturday!  Let’s get to this, shall we?

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) vs. Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky

Baron Botch:  All four of these guys are just tremendous in the ring.  I’ve caught The Briscoes in ROH and they’ve put on incredible matches.  Frankie Kazarian has been everywhere but may be best known as one of the TNA originals.  He spent years there putting on great matches.  Scorpio Sky is another one who adds an interesting wrinkle.  Few are more athletic than he is.  All of this will add up to an incredible match.  As for who wins, Jay and Mark are absolute beasts.  That said…



Sir Mitch:  When you think of great Tag Team’s of the last decade or so in an era where WWE has not put great focus on Tag Team Wrestling, Jay and Mark Briscoe have to be considered one of the very best. Meanwhile, Kaz and Sky are two guys who will NEVER get their due in the industry. I am so happy these guys are getting a chance to show the largest TV audience they’ve ever performed in front of exactly what they can do!

As far as picking who will go over, you can’t vote against the eight-time and reigning ROH Tag Champs.



Queen KB:  I love Kaz and I’m really impressed that he’s still working the ring at such a level. The Briscoes have worked their bums off for years and have always really impressed me with their work, so this match is going to be more than solid. So much going on here, but I think the Briscoes will come out victors.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – THE BRISCOE BROTHERS


Sovereign S.A.M.:  Here we have two of the top tag teams that have been around outside of WWE for some time now. Kazarian is most famous for his stint in the TNA X-Division and has been putting up quality matches throughout his career. The Briscoes almost made it to WWE but their look was not “pleasing” to say the least which is unfortunate because I think they could have made waves in the tag division. I fully expect a good, hard-hitting match between these teams and at least one crazy spot. Tag matches always seem to have a crazy spot, so I do expect it here. Another toss up for me to with another flip of the coin and I will make my pick.



Magnate Mat:  SCU are on a roll and THIS IS THE WORST TOWN THEY’VE EVER BEEN IN, so they want to win and go home.



The Over-Budget Battle Royal – Jordynne Grace, Moose, Rocky Romero, Colt Cabana, Ethan Page, Brian Cage, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Jacobs, Marco Stunt, Brandon Cutler, Punishment Martinez, & ???

Baron Botch:  This one’s hard to pick because we don’t know everyone who’ll be involved.  As we’ve reported, there are rumors of Neville’s involvement and a few others.  We also heard that they went for CM Punk and he declined.  Hard to know till this actually goes down.  As such, my personal favorite of all these competitors is Moose.  He’s been absolutely killing it and he’s huge.  If they are successful in teaming up to get rid of him, he won’t last…but I don’t think they will be.



Queen KB:  I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I hope the rumors about Neville entering and winning this match are true because I’d love to see Neville work the ring against my beloved Jay Lethal. The two of them in the ring together makes my imagination drool over what an amazing match they would have. Therefore I have to go with Neville and hope Mitch doesn’t taunt me too much over it.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – PAC (Neville)


Sir Mitch:  The list of names in this match has already featured some surprises and I’m sure come the actual match we will see even more shocking participants. As this match is being done purely for the fun of it, I’m picking the silliest winner I can think of…The Mortal Combat wannabe himself, Glacier!



Sovereign S.A.M.:  This is a battle royal with some names already announced and you must expect there will be a ton of surprise entrants. I fully expect James Ellsworth to make an appearance here somehow and maybe even someone like Joey Ryan. Actually, I do want to see Joey Ryan there, so he can do his signature move, that has made waves all over the internet, to everybody in the battle royal. I expect Hornswoggle to somehow find a way to sneak into there as well as this battle royal is really something of the unknown. I honestly have no idea who will win this as the winner gets an ROH Title match later in the night, so I will pick someone who I think Chicago will pop for.



Magnate Mat:  Power Power POWER…and he will probably have a great match with Jay Lethal later in the evening.



Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll

Baron Botch:  This feud has about Marty being smaller and Okada being bigger.  The build has been really fun for this.  I watched his promo on “The Go Home Episode (here).  You MUST see it.  The passion!  Even his closest friends are telling him he can’t beat Okada but he’s gonna do it, gosh darn it!  Sadly, as much as I like Marty and his incredible theme, he kinda can’t go over here.  Sorry, Marty…



Sir Mitch:  The build for this match on Being The Elite has been hilarious! From Nick Aldis gifting Marty donuts with cards telling him he needs to bulk up, Okada joking Marty should be on 205 Live, all the way to Rey Mysterio a man who’s made a living for 25 years going over people a lot bigger than him telling Marty straight out “You’re F****d (Sorry, Botch)

Poking fun at big men being historically preferred by promoters (“cough, Vince, cough”) was a perfectly poignant way to sell what will be a fun match as well as poke fun at WWE a little.

As far as who’s going over? As much as I adore Marty and feel his passionate promo on this weeks Being The Elite (seriously, you need to watch that promo) was one of the best anyone has cut all year…I can’t see him being booked to go over the longest reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champ in history in any sort of convincing manner.



Queen KB:  I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I hope the rumors about Neville entering and winning this match are true because I’d love to see Neville work the ring against my beloved Jay Lethal. The two of them in the ring together makes my imagination drool over what an amazing match they would have. Therefore I have to go with Neville and hope Mitch doesn’t taunt me too much over it.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – PAC (Neville)


Sovereign S.A.M.:  There are plenty of matches on the All In card that have match of the night potential and this is certainly a leading candidate. Okada is arguably one of the best in the world right now, he is in my top 3 for sure, and can get a great match out of anybody. Scurll is one of the best in the world as well and has some of the best joint manipulation that is only rivaled by Pete Dunne. This has the old Bullet Club vs Chaos feel to it and I fully expect both men to bring it. It will be interesting to see what kind of counters they will bring to this match as it is Rainmaker vs Chickenwing.



Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela

Baron Botch:  Joey Janela is everything.   He’s been all over the East Coast (I’ve seen him mostly on Beyond Wrestling) and I’ve watched him for what seems like forever.  Hangman Page is one I’ve seen on CWF and other places and he’s nothing to sniff at.  That said, Janela is just incredible in there.



Sir Mitch:  I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know a lot about Joey Janela part from what others have told me. He is apparently a big deal on the Indies in the American east coast. But, I do know a fair bit about Hangman Page and in my opinion, he’s a future World Champion in any promotion he would want to work for!  The fact that Cody and the Bucks are not just using this event to promote themselves but also introduce talents to larger a audience is super commendable and something not done nearly enough in the industry!  On that note, I would not be shocked if they gave Janela the rub here.



Queen KB:  I adore Page. He’s worked hard and came far in less than ten years in the industry. Honestly, I don’t know much about Janela, so I have to give this one to the man I know and enjoy watching.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – HANGMAN PAGE


Sovereign S.A.M.:  I have only recently been able to see anything from Joey Janela and that is due to MLW, which is really good by the way, and I have been impressed so far by him. Hangman Page on the other hand has had a pretty good 2018 so far and has opened people’s eyes to him. I expect to see Page pull out some craziness as he has been doing that plenty during his rise in Bullet Club and Janela will be able to hang with him for sure. This match feels like a toss-up between the two, so I will flip a coin and see where it lands.



Magnate Mat:  My personal MVP of G! 28 Adam Page will put the boots to Joey Janela.



Madison Rayne vs. Britt Baker vs. Chelsea Green vs. Tessa Blanchard

Baron Botch:  I’ve seen Madison on TNA/Impact television.  The woman has skillz.  Chelsea Green is great in there too and she’s got a ton of personality.  Her run as Laurel Van Ness was an absolute riot.  There’s nothing she won’t do.  Britt Baker was great in her match with now-NXT wrestler Shayna Bazsler last year for AIW.  My personal favorite here is Tessa Blanchard and I think she’ll take this.

As an aside, I was hoping for more than one women’s match.  Given that this show will go four hours, it would have been nice to see another one.



Sir Mitch:  There is a belief amongst fans and people within the industry that WWE is the only place for Women to be successful in the Industry. What people fail to realise is that the Women’s Evolution actually started elsewhere. Promotions such as Shimmer, Stardom, Triple A, Lucha Underground and even Impact all had much stronger Women’s divisions than WWE for several years during the “Diva” era!

All four of these Women have had thriving careers outside of WWE for years and I’m sure being the only Women on the main card, they will be looking to steal the show.

As far as who’s going over? Never underestimate the girl at the party who is a total hot mess!



Queen KB:  I cannot believe I’m writing this after all the time I wrote about TNA/Impact and trashed The Beautiful People, I never thought Madison Rayne would become such a great wrestler. I’m even more impressed that her skills improved so much more after giving birth. Because of this I have to go with Rayne, she’s really impressed me.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – MADISON RAYNE


Sovereign S.A.M.:  It is really nice of them to give us a women’s match for All In and with four very capable women at that. Madison Rayne is going to be in the Mae Young Classic that begins to air next week, and Tessa Blanchard is the current Impact Women’s Champion. Chelsea Green is the former Laurel Van Ness and, from all the reports, is close to being signed to WWE so this could be her big indie send off. I do not know much about Britt Baker but from what I can see, she is a talented person as well. I think the ladies will bring it and highlight even more how far women have come in wrestling.



Magnate Mat:  Tessa on a roll lately, shes probably the best womens wrestler in the US presently, id be surprised if she didn’t win.



ROH World Championship Match:  Jay Lethal vs. the winner of the Overbudget Battle Royal

Baron Botch:  As I’ve picked Moose as my winner, I absolutely can’t wait for this match!  This may very well steal the night.  Jay is a beast in there and Moose can move like a man half his size.  Title changes should happen at shows this size and while Jay is more than capable of taking this, Moose is too.  So…



Sir Mitch:  Ok, I know I said I was picking Glacier to win, but we all know that was a gag prediction! I don’t know who will actually win the Battle Royal and face Lethal for the ROH strap, but whoever it is I don’t think they are going over as ROH still has a month of unaired episodes of ROH TV that features Lethal as their Champion.



Queen KB:  As I said in the Battle Royal prediction, Neville needs to win it so we can see him face Lethal here. This match could steal the show in a HUGE way. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we will be lucky enough to see these two face off at this first All In extravaganza. That being said, I don’t know who I’d want to win this one. So, if it’s not Neville in this match, then Lethal needs to win it. If it is Neville, then he needs to win it.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – JAY LETHAL or PAC (Neville)


Sovereign S.A.M.:  This match, if my predict goes well, should be a goody. Cabana and Lethal are two stellar workers and have been for years and years now. Both being veterans, I expect a good amount of story-telling in this match as well as good action throughout. Lethal is 33 years old and that shocked me because it feels like he has been around longer and still going strong. Cabana is 38 years old and I think this would be a nice treat for Chicago to see him take on Lethal in this match. Also, Chicago is firmly behind him given the whole CM Punk fiasco, but I digress.



Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell

Baron Botch:  Ah, the showbiz match.  Amell acquitted himself well with Pac (Neville in WWE) during their tag match a couple of years ago and he really loves wrestling.  Daniels is a beast (still!) and the two of them will make a match out of this.  Further, I think…



Sir Mitch:  As Botch said on the Imperial Pod “There had to be one gimmick match”. This whole thing was planed in case the event didn’t sell out and Stephen Amell’s celebrity could be used to sell a few more tickets and garner more mainstream attention. But as we all now know, none of that was needed.  

That isn’t to say this won’t be entertaining. Amell proved a couple of SummerSlam’s ago that he’s a good enough athlete and a fast enough learner that he could work a decent match with little training and the right people in the ring with him. And you could not pick a better person to be in the ring with than Christopher Daniels! The 50 year old veteran who wrestles like he’s 21 is a true professional in every sense of the word and will take good care of Amell while ensuring the fans get an entertaining 5 minute or so match.



Queen KB:  My boy, Christopher Daniels!  That man has put us with so much from me.  Each and every time he wore pleated pants on TNA, I called him out on it on Twitter.  Yes, I did, because he’s such a trim man and the pleats made him look strangely fat and out of proportion.  It annoyed him quite a bit, but he handled it well.  I adored him even before that, but for putting up with me and for being one of the best wrestlers ever, I have to go with him winning this match.  Nothing against Amell, because I know he loves wrestling and has been working really hard to learn how to work the ring, and isn’t taking this lightly, but I loves me some Christopher Daniels, and as always, I have to go with my heart.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – CHRISTOPHER DANIELS


Sovereign S.A.M.:  So here we have the “Fallen Angel” vs the “Green Arrow” and I am sure this match is going to bring in the Arrowverse fans. Side not, Fallen Angel vs Green Arrow sounds like a good title for a comic book series doesn’t it? Back to the match, and I am more interested to see what Amell can do in the ring than the outcome of this match really. We have gotten a glimpse over the last few years and I have no doubt that Daniels will help guide him during this match. I do hope that at some point Amell tells Daniels that “He has failed this city!” as an homage to his Green Arrow character on Arrow. Overall, I expect this to be a fun match that is just that, fun.



Magnate Mat:  Amell has been training with Cody and the Bucks and has had two matches, he might actually steal a win here, also he’s the Green Arrow.



Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon, Jr.

Baron Botch:  This is going to be great too.  Heck, this card is going to be great.  Pentagon Jr. is an absolute beast and has been killing it Impact Wrestling.  The few matches I’ve seen just don’t quit!  Kenny Omega is equally impressive.  This match will get lots of time and will keep us on the edge of our couches. Who wins?  Well, we all do but…



Sir Mitch:  Now this is the match I am most looking forward to! As far as I am concerned, these two are the best workers in the world right now and I had hopped against hope that they would be booked for a match at All In. My dream came true!

As far as picking who’s going over? Who cares, it’s Omega vs Pentagon Jr…we are the winners!



Queen KB:  I’m not an Omega fan, have never been an Omega fan and I doubt I’ll ever be an Omega fan. Even being named #1 wrestler in the world by PWI doesn’t help him in my eyes. Honestly, I don’t really know why I don’t like him, but I don’t and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Pentagon, on the other hand, is a joy to watch, so I’m going with my gut and picking Pentagon.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – PENTAGON


Sovereign S.A.M.:  If there was ever a match that scream match of the night, it is this one. Kenny Omega and Pentagon Jr. are quite possibly the two hottest talents outside of WWE right now and rumors are always swirling about WWE signing them. Pentagon and his brother Fenix seem to be the latest targets for WWE at the moment. Omega is the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion and has been on an absolute tear over the last few years, so this match should be magic. Words really do not come to mind to describe how awesome I expect this match to be because I expect so much from it. This has match of the night and a match of the year written all over it, so I will sit back and enjoy this one.



Magnate Mat:  The IWGP Heavyweight Champion vs the Lucha Underground Champion…hmmm Ill take Kenny and his trash hair against almost any other wrestler any day of the week



NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Nick Aldis vs. Cody

Baron Botch:  Just why?  Not why for the match but why for this fossilized title?  Yes, I grew up watching Georgia Championship Wrestling and that title meant excellence back then but that was 27 years ago or thereabouts!  The last time it meant anything was when Ric Flair held it until 1991.  

All of this is pertinent because Billy Corgan (yeah, the guy from the Smashing Pumpkins) bought the NWA a couple last year and we kinda still don’t care.  At least I know I don’t.  Corgan wants us to care again.  I’ve had some time to think about this and, despite what I said on our latest videocast, I’m thinking they’ll want Cody to carry it to bring some new life to it.  Whether it’ll work or not is anyone’s guess.



Sir Mitch:  I actually don’t know what to write about this one! The NWA World Title (while still historically speaking is still the most prestigious Title in the industry) has been essentially worthless since its last gasp in ECW in 1994 where Shane Douglas won it before vacating it on the spot and cutting a scathing promo about the NWA name being dead. The fabled Ten Pounds Of Gold has been on life support ever since. Mostly thanks to the kindness of All Japan Pro Wrestling in the 90’s and New Japan Pro Wrestling in the 2000’s. And even though new NWA owner Billy Corgan and his chosen Champion and ambassador Nick Aldis have done an AMAZING job getting the Title some buzz again, the amount of buzz that’s been generated amounts to a mere spit of polish to the side plates all things considered.

I don’t doubt Cody is walking away from Chicago with the same Title his father held on three separate occasions and maybe he can give it one last hurrah. But honestly, Shane Douglas called it in 94. The NWA name is dead as a dodo!



Queen KB:  This one is really hard for me because I love both of these men. I’ve loved Magnus all along, and enjoyed writing about him when he was in TNA. I’ve adored Cody since early in his WWE career, but it’s his business acumen that won me over 100% This man is the leader of the changes in the industry and deserves so much more than winning this match, he deserves this show to put a whole new direction in the industry, changing how we think about professional wrestling. Because this is Cody’s show, I’m going to give this match to Aldis. Can’t have things look too biased in Cody’s direction!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – NICK ALDIS


Sovereign S.A.M.:  This is one match that is a bit tricky for me to make a prediction on. On one hand, Aldis has really been the only relevant thing with the NWA World Title and him keeping it could bring up the prestige a bit. On the other hand, Cody has been on fire ever since he left the WWE, so him carrying that belt could help elevate to a level Aldis cannot reach. I have no doubt that this can be a very entertaining match and I feel like I need to go with my gut on this rather than my head. I think Brandi will play a role in the finish somehow and that could be the deciding factor.



Magnate Mat:  Cody wins and elevates the NWA Title, and I think this will kick off a grand rivalry with him and Nick Aldis



Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido vs. The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi

Baron Botch:  The Young Bucks are sure to shorten their careers and lives further with this match.  Translation:  this is going to be fun!  Mysterio is moving well after having left the grind of the WWE in his rear view too, though he’s not quite what he was.  Fenix and Bandido are absolutely insane and Kota is too.  I’m not sure where to take this one.  I’m still stunned by the last Young Bucks match I saw in NJPW so…



Sir Mitch:  The rumoured main event of All In should be quite the display of high flying action.

Rey Mysterio has seemingly sorted out the knee problems that have plagued him throughout the latter part of his career if his recent work in New Japan is any indication. Fenix is a worker that is so exciting to watch Mauro Ranello would lose his voice halfway through one of his matches. Bandido is a rising star in Mexico who has worked for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in the past. Kota Ibushi had the match of his life against Hiroshi Tanahashi at the G1 Climax final. And the Young Bucks are still exciting to watch!

Again, the real winner of this match is really everyone who will get to watch it. But If I had to pick a winning team…Bucks and Ibushi!



Queen KB:  This match has me tingly all over. I love Rey, and have grown to respect the Bucks for their work and business acumen, and this match is going to be sick for all the wrestlers involved. While I’d love to see Rey’s team win, the Bucks are on fire and are the young guys who need the win more than Rey does at this point. Further, the Bucks have Ibushi with them, and he’s the one who will absolutely tip the scales in their favor, giving them the win.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – THE GOLDEN ELITE


Sovereign S.A.M.:  This should be one fun six-man tag match and I expect plenty of high flying spots that will make the crowd go “oooohhhh”. The Young Bucks might be the best tag team outside of the WWE and we all know how good Ibushi is. Fenix is someone, like his brother Pentagon Jr., that has been making waves over the last few years on the indies and I fully expect him to showcase his skills here. Rey Mysterio has seemingly found a fountain of youth because he is leaner and is moving in a way I haven’t seen him move in years. I am not that familiar with Bandido, but I am sure he will be able to hang with everyone involved. Of all the matches, I will say this will be the most fun to watch and the crowd will be hyped for it throughout.



Magnate Mat:  This is going to be a FUN match to watch, lots of flying and high impact – ill take Team Rey – speed kills, as they say.