Jest On Saudi Arabia & WWE

The following is entirely the opinion of I, Jester Jason, and is a response to the article I posted a few days ago, WWE & Saudi Arabia Update. This is entirely my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of Wrestle Royalty or its writers.

October 28th, 2018 will mark the first time in history that WWE will have an all women’s PPV event titled “Evolution”. So how do they follow this up? By going to the mysognic State of Saudi Arabia on November 2nd, just 5 days later. As previously stated in the article, the Crown Prince promised a lot of changes towards women, but has failed to live up to them.

I, for one, am extremely appalled at the decision WWE is making here! By doing this, they are making the whole “Women’s Revolution” look like a joke! Why on earth would they have an all women’s event, then return to one of the State’s in the world that is in line with the most oppressed women? That choice is completely beyond me!

I understand that before, during, and following “The Greatest Royal Rumble”, WWE was told countless expectations, but those have yet to be realized! In fact, since airing, 3 women are sitting on death row in Saudi Arabia just for speaking their mind! Does this seem like a Revolution to me? Absolutely not!

If Vince and the rest of WWE had the guts, they would NOT return to such an oppressive State until those promises are met! By them returning, it gives the appearance that all Vince cares about is money! Yes, I understand that Saudi Arabia footed the bill for everything in “The Greatest Royal Rumble”, but that just goes back to greed and money!

I honestly hope for the sake of our women in WWE, and the future of WWE, the talent all protest this event and do not participate! I want to see an all out ban/standup against the hostile situation in Saudi Arabia and refuse to participate in ANY events in these types of States/Countries until this is rectified! The only way Vince and the rest of those backstage, in my opinion, will wake up is by seeing a unification of both men and women protesting the events in these oppressive States/Countries.