Booker T Interviews Big Cass

Former WWE superstar, Big Cass, did an interview that was just posted to YouTube earlier today with Booker T for his Reality of Wrestling podcast at Sports 610 Radio.  Here are the highlights:


Booker T:  What happened [why was he released]

Big Cass:  Well, if I’m really honest with you, I made a lot of mistakes.  I made a lot of mistakes in a short period of time.  I did some things that I probably shouldn’t have done and I guess the company couldn’t rely on me, they couldn’t trust me, and, I’ll just be honest with you, in my opinion, they made the right decision…to get rid of me.  At that point in time, they definitely made the right decision for them…and for me…I would have fired myself for sure…100%.


Booker T:  What’s gonna be your route back to that grand stage?

Cass:  Here’s the thing.  I started with Johnny Rodz at his school when I was very young and I never really got to see what was out there.  A year into my training, I got a call from WWE and they signed me and I got assigned right away to FCW.  My whole career has pretty much been FCW and NXT.  But I never really got to see what else is out there so I just wanna get out there and see what else is going on but I will be back and the…goal is to come back to WWE.  I’m just kinda just gonna explore and take opportunities where they show themselves to me but I will be back hopefully one day if they’ll have me back but right now, just seeing what else is out there.  When I got signed to FCW, I was very young and that’s all I know…that’s all that I’ve done my entire career…


Booker T:  What do you think about ALL IN?

Big Cass:  I can’t believe how many tickets they sold.  It’s incredible what they’ve done there.  It’s insane!  [He tried to say more prior to this statement but the  connection went dead.  He said this when they got him back.]


Booker T:  Do you ever think about reuniting with Enzo?

Big Cass:  No…what me and him had was very special…I feel like it ran its course and they pulled the trigger on separating us at the right time… Me and him, we don’t keep in contact, we’re not friends, so I just think that’ll be a possibility.  I mean…if the money’s right (laugher from the studio), yeah, I’ll definitely do it but at this point in time, I have been fielded any offers from anybody.  They say never say never.  Maybe one day, we’ll be reunited and be great friends again and take the world by storm.  Right now, I don’t think there’s a chance in ….


Booker T:  Can you rate his rap skills?

Big Cass:  Is he really doing this?  Good from him!  I didn’t know he was doing that well.  I wish him nothing but the best.  If he’s doing that well, good for him.  Maybe after this interview, I’ll give it a listen.  Good for him!


Brad Gilmore:  Have you unplugged yourself from wrestling?

Big Cass:  100%.  I haven’t watched anything since I got released.  I’ve just been doing my thing, eating right, working outs and binge-watching my favorite shows…I haven’t watched a singles second of wrestling since I got released.  I don’t even know who the champions are.  I’m assuming Brock is still Universal Champion… (Booker went on to fill him in a little)…


There is a Part 1 and Part 2 for this interview and you can click (here) for Part 1.  Part two is linked on the right along with it so you can listen to both parts.


Botch Take:  He came off well here.  He seems like a nice guy who’s acknowledged his mistakes and is trying to turn it around.  I’d be fine with seeing him back in WWE at some point and I think taking time to work the indie circuit will be great for him.  Despite Booker’s rather insular and antiquated belief that WWE is everyone’s goal, it’s more than possible for Cass to do quite well for himself without WWE.  I’m interested to see what happens next.  

As to his phone going dead, that happened at a rather convenient time.  Booker asked him about ALL IN and Cass became very passionate in a good way about it.  He said, “Isn’t that…” followed with a curse word.  Of course, that doesn’t fly on a radio station and the call went dead.  My assumption is that the station killed the call so there’d be no curse words – FCC fines being what they are.  It took them a second to come back so I think we can also safely assume that they got him back on the line somewhat faster, they informed him of his faux pas, and insisted that he not do it again prior to him being patched through again to Booker.