Monday Night Raw (9/3/18)

Raw Results

Braun, McIntyre, and Ziggler to the ring to talk down Reigns and The Shield, saying he knew he wouldn’t get one on one, so he got his own posse.  Shield out through the stands.  Corbin to the stage call heel wrestlers out to stop The Shield.  Didn’t work.  More wrestlers sent out, and even more.  Braun, McIntyre, and Ziggler dragged away by some, the rest block The Shield.  McIntyre snarls as he’s dragged out.  The Shield breaks free and gives chase through pretty much the whole locker room.

The Shield is being arrested while all the faces yell and scream about it and Corbin taunts them from outside the paddy wagon.  After it pulls away the faces to yell and scream at Corbin.

Bellas defeat Riott Squad (Morgan & Logan)

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable defeat The Ascension

Elias in the ring.  Bliss out with Mickie and Foxy in tow.  She talks up her hometown, then turns heel on them and flirts with Elias a bit.  Ronda and Nattie to the ring ends the segment.

Alexa defeats Nattie with an armbar.  Bliss won’t let go, so RR into the ring and takes down Bliss, and destroys Foxy, but then they get the upper-hand on RR tossing her into the stairs.  They’re all a bit battered.

Strowman, McIntyre, and Ziggler in to tell Corbin they want action.  Ziggler cannot face Rollins for his rematch, so he wants a Tag Team Championship Match.  Corbin tells them that The Revival has that match scheduled tonight.  McIntyre asks that if they cannot compete…

McIntyre & Ziggler attack Revival backstage to get their match.

McIntyre & Ziggler defeat B Team to become Raw Tag Team Champions

AoP out with Drake Maverick.  He’s their new manager.

AoP defeats Jobbers

Bellas talk up RR, but not completely, though sort of, talking down Nattie.

HBK in the ring talking up Trip for his Aussie match.  GONG!  Taker comes out and talks down HBK who slaps back about being the only one to really stay retired.  Taker said he took HBK’s career and will defeat Trip too.

Sasha & Bayley vs Dana & Moon and after the match Dana yelled at Titus Worldwide for distracting her during the match, said she was done with them.

Backstage Lashley is laughing about Corbin telling him he needs a meditation session in the ring with Mahal.  Lashley smiled and laughed through it all.

In the ring Mahal and Singh, Lashley is taunting them in meditation with a huge smile on his face, until KO attacks him from behind.

Strowman defeats Balor

A siren sounds and the van backs into the arena, Reigns gets out of the driver’s seat and lets Ambrose and Rollins out of the back.   The heels come rushing out from the back and help Strowman, McIntyre, and Ziggler beat down The Shield into a puddle of sweat and ring gear.


Will Baron Corbin Go Home Without You?

Will Bo Dallas try the Swedish meatballs in catering and find it Harder to Breathe afterwards?

Will Bobby Roode get a Wake Up Call from his tax adviser notifying him of the folly of declaring his popsicle stick trading hobby as a business expense?

Will Ronda Rousey say Goodnight Goodnight immediately after “Monday Night Raw” ends?

Will Finn Bálor remain in Misery because there ain’t nobody who can comfort him?

None of these questions will be answered by either Maroon 5 or by tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”!