So let me get this straight…

Last night, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella leave the arena after Bryan’s match with Almas to stalk Miz as he’s enjoying a evening out dining with his lovely wife Maryse forcing Miz to cut his date night short to come back to the arena to handle the situation in the appropriate venue.

Like a man, Miz goes out to the ring to call out Bryan before his match with R-Truth only for Bryan not to show up after doing all that huffing and puffing earlier in the evening. (If Bryan really wanted to fight Miz so bad then why didn’t he show up then and there to confront a fresh Miz?). Miz then proceeds to have a match with R-Truth as scheduled only for Bryan  to come out and distract Miz causing him to lose his match.

What happens next is the real cowardly act. To add insult to injury, Bryan and his jezebel wife, Brie, attacked Miz and Maryse for absolutely no reason at all. Attacking a man after he just had a grueling match is as cowardly as it gets where I come from.

Now let’s rewind back a second.  Last week, Bryan attacked Miz at ringside by landing a suicide dive to the outside on Miz as he innocently watched his match with Almas as a innocent bystander – not once ever involving himself in the match until Bryan decided to get violent and attack Miz first.

To make things worse, Bryan, like the true coward he is, even had had his wife Brie physically assault Miz a few weeks back taking advantage of the fact that Miz (like the true gentlemen he is) would never lay hands on a woman. Even if Miz had defended himself Bryan and Brie would of screamed “WOLF” and got #MeToo involved to paint Miz as the bad guy.

Let’s also not forget that it was Bryan who secretly requested for Miz to be sent to SD so he could torment Miz and his poor wife Maryse as his last request abusing his power as GM one last time before returning to full time duty as a wrestler.

Miz and Maryse were literally minding their own business living life to the fullest on RAW. Miz was on RAW elevating the IC Champion taking it to heights that had not been seen since the days of HBK, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, Razor Ramon & Ricky Steamboat. Basically, Miz was moving on from his beef with Bryan willing to let bygones be bygones like the mature adult he is but Bryan couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Things were also going great for Miz in his personal life as well. He and his beautiful wife Maryse were set to have their first child and set to film their own reality show. Hell, Miz even defended his title at WrestleMania 34 in a triple threat match not long after Maryse gave birth to their first child. A lesser man would have  taken the day off to be home with his wife and newborn but like the fighting champ Miz is, he agreed sacrifice time away from his family to work the match anyway. Life was going great for the couple.  Miz had turned was turning over a new leaf in his life and was living the honorable life as a good man and good husband.

So why, Bryan? Why interfere with that?  Why manipulate your power as GM to get Miz on the same show with you to drag him into some senseless feud just because you don’t know how to check your ego?  Are you still holding a grudge because Miz absolutely destroyed you on the mic in the most poetic way possible on Talking Smack a couple years ago?  A promo, by the way, borne of a confrontation you started when you unprofessionally took shots at the way Miz wrestles –  referring to him as a “coward”?  What man would sit back and let you question his manhood and drag his name through the mud like that without clapping back?

Or maybe you’re still mad that Miz put you to sleep at SummerSlam – embarrassing your sorry behind?  Maybe if you hadn’t come into the match with such a arrogant attitude thinking that you were Mr. High and Mighty, you might have actually won but instead you underestimated Miz kind of like Tyson underestimated Buster Douglas back in the day but unlike you, Tyson actually took his L like a man and didn’t make a bunch of lame excuses after he lost.

If not that, maybe you’re still in your feelings about NXT way back in the day? If so why? Miz was just doing his job. Sure, Miz was tough on you when he was your mentor but that’s only because he was trying to prepare you for life in the WWE which is no cakewalk. What was Miz suppose to do?  Sugar coat everything for you, hold your hand through NXT and baby you? If that’s what this is about, GROW UP because that’s not how the real world works.

What’s even more frightening about this whole ordeal is the fans who blindly believe that Bryan is the innocent choir boy in all of this when he’s the clearly been the predator/instigator the whole time. I guess I can’t be too upset at the fans though. They know not what they do and Malcolm X did warn us about this decades ago when he once stated the following…..

“The media’s (Dirtsheets) the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent look guilty(Miz/Maryse) and to make the guilty look innocent(Bryan/Brie) , and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses (IWC).”

Unlike the masses, I’m “Woke”. I see right through the phony good guy act that Bryan passed off to the public. I see him for what he truly is: a dark, violent, sinister, psychotic , manipulative and insecure man who will stop at nothing to ruin a innocent man’s life at any cost.