Gate For All In Totals $458K, FITE TV Pulls Over $1 Million In Streaming Sales

11,263 fans packed the Sears Center this past Saturday for All In.

The gate for the event totaled $458,525. For comparison, and to show how underpriced tickets were for All In, a 2011 Strikeforce MMA event headlined by Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson at the same arena drew 8,311 fans for a gate of $638,000.

Between All In and Starrcast, FITE TV pulled in over $1 million in iPPV sales. That works out to 20,000-25,000 iPPV buys between the two events. This doesn’t factor in ROH Honor Club purchases or traditional pay-per-view numbers, which are not available at this time.

Sir Mitch Says: We are still combing through all the available financial information for a future article about the success of All In weekend, but suffice it to say…everyone involved in the historic event made major bank!