Maryse Is My Cousin From Detroit

This was such a wonderful and well-rounded episode of SmackDown. I honestly want to jump into it without any more of my blathering.


Circular Storytelling

This wasn’t just circular storytelling, it was circular storytelling at its best. This segment took us in one direction, then swerved into another in a huge way. I’m not thrilled with Almas and think he’s dragging Zelina down, but I’m loving how he’s been brought into this storyline.

I missed the start of this match, but Stacy (my dear significant other) was watching, and he didn’t agree with the guys in the Dignified Discussion. These are Stacy’s thoughts on the opening part of the match.

Seems haphazard, doesn’t have the flow of a wrestling match. It’s more like a fight, and not great. Almas wasn’t in the right spot and Bryan had to start over a couple times, as if they were scrapping, not in a match that should look cleaner than that. It surely didn’t tell a story, the way the best matches, and even the majority of matches on SD do. Further, this is Bryan, he’s better than this.”

While the rest of the match was decent, it wasn’t stellar.


Bryan & Brie Go On A Date

I loved how Bryan and Brie handled their departure. They can be so cute together! Not saying I will be watching Total Bellas anytime soon, but they are a great couple with so much love and chemistry between them.


The Mob Boss & The Blonde


Charlotte was great here, as was Becky. They came off as wonderfully catty here, in a way that two besties who now hate each other will act. Becky was compared to a mob boss sitting back and taking it all in by someone in the Dignified Discussion, and that was the perfect comparison. This was downright fantastic!


The IIColonics

Okay, I know I should use that for Primo and Epico, but these two are so much worse on a whole other level. I really cannot stand Billie Kay. Peyton isn’t as bad on mic, but Billie Kay makes me want to put my own fist through the TV. They need serious X-Pac heat, but then McMahon would think it’s heat and keep pushing them this way. So not impressed by these two, on mic or in the ring.


Not Ready For Naomi

Peyton is a bit better in the ring than Billie Kay, but she still needs some work. I so didn’t believe Peyton getting any upper hand on Naomi. It’s just not believable. There’s only so much I can suspend my disbelief, and this match went beyond that.

Then there’s Asuka! Finally, she’s back and hopefully building up to where she once was before McMahon destroyed her.


Heels & Faces!

Miz and Maryse are playing it to the hilt, which they are great at. The problem I have is that I so love silly, goofy Miz and Maryse on Miz & Mrs. It’s hard to love them at one moment and hate them the next. They’re such a roller coaster!


Who Is Who?

R-Truth is fantastic! He doesn’t know who Carmella is, but he knows that he last teamed with Miz seven years ago! Looks like Miz has found his match tonight. I love R-Truth!


Joe’s Gonna Kill You!

Joe really can go on the mic. The fact that his mic work was good, but not THAT good, shows me that he needs scripting the way AJ does. Joe has amazing delivery on mic, and comes off scarier than almost anyone

I’m so glad AJ’s hair has grown out. Looking back at him with short hair in TNA, he looked like such a young kid, because he was! While I know long hair in professional wrestling can be a bit of a cliché, it seems like more of a personal style choice than a wrestling thing, and I love it. He really owns the long hair, the way he did his short hair when he was a much younger man.


Not As Crazy As We Thought?

I cannot wait to see Carmella and R-Truth together on Mixed Match Challenge because their chemistry is great. I love their banter, and I have to admit that I love Tye with R-Truth, and now Carmella. These three could be epic fun together on so many levels, and Carmella gives Maryse someone to work against as she gets ready to face Brie. I’m loving how this is all coming together on SD, and I’m also kinda shocked. This is bringing together a number of superstars to make storylines flow, something we really haven’t seen in years. The last one I can think of was AJ Lee’s crazy relationships and how things all worked around and through to make them all work. It’s something that’s not always easy but it shows that Creative is paying attention and actually working on storylines that the fans will love, not just throwing together feuds out of nowhere, for no reason. Brilliant!


Why Are Hardy/Orton Are Feuding?

I’m going to address their video promos here, all in one place. It seems as though I’m in the minority on this, but I thought they were a waste of SD time. X and others in the Dignified Discussion really enjoyed these promos, while I thought they were a total waste and took away from time that could have been better used elsewhere. Now, if you’re a fan of either Orton or Jeff Hardy, I can see why you’d like this, but I’ve been rather over both of them for quite a while now. I’ve not at all been impressed with Orton for quite a while, and feel as though he’s kind of turned heel again to try to be relevant, but he really isn’t. He needs to do something huge to get back in the groove, and this isn’t it, at all.

Then there’s Jeff who shouldn’t be working the ring with the same ferocity that he always has. The man isn’t 25 any longer and his body is showing serious wear and tear. Of the six men who revolutionized the Tag Division in the WWE with the TLC matches, and all the work they did, Jeff is the only one who is still working the ring, and he was the first of all of them to start working the ring in the WWE. I don’t want to be the one to tell anyone to end their career, especially one they love, but he’s going to be unable to walk, or worse if he doesn’t start taking care of his body. I understand that HIAC is on his Bucket List, but I know I won’t hit everything on my Bucket List, and Jeff needs to realize that he cannot do absolutely everything in the industry, because it could seriously shorten his life, beyond what he’s already shortened. This is HIAC and Jeff Hardy. We all know he will do something he would have done when in his 20s, and his body might not think it’s smart, and it could be his last match for that reason. I think McMahon is remiss in booking this match, and for that reason, I couldn’t enjoy these video promos. They were well executed by the production crew, but for the wrong superstars, in my personal opinion.


Rusev Day

Watching EY in the ring with Rikishi’s sons has made me giddy. So much greatness in that ring and nothing has been said about Rusev, English, or Dane! So much greatness in that ring. More than just their names, who they are married to, who they are related to, they all proved just how great they are in this match! They all put it out there, worked that match hard, and were all great. Normally I complain about Triple Threat Matches, but this was beautiful all the way around. The chemistry, the timing, and the work, all the while telling a great story. Bravo!


Who’s A Coward?

I love Miz on mic, and Maryse is getting better. I really enjoy watching them be silly, but this trashing on Bryan and Brie is good too. They work so well together, and since Miz is the best on mic in the company these days, it’s really going well for them. That being said, if Bryan and Brie don’t show up to screw up their match, I will be shocked.

R-Truth and Carmella seem like such a natural, now that we have seen them together! Wow, they just have a great vibe and so much chemistry. I get why Tye didn’t come out with them, as he’s not needed, and would have looked silly tagging along behind them as they grooved together so well.


R-Truth Is A National Treasure

The title above is exactly what most of us have stated backstage since SD aired this week. R-Truth stole SD this week and made me so very happy. He’s been around for so long and is still going, barely missing a step. He just keeps coming back with great characters and storylines when we least expect it. He worked that ring almost as quick as he did when he debuted twenty-one years ago. I’m kinda in awe of him and his staying power, as well as his ability to entertain as well as he does, and how many characters he’s been. I love this version of him, and I hope it continues. One last great run with Carmella could be great for him. Further, I love his use in this storyline. I was bummed when he and Carmella disappeared after beating Miz in such a solid match, but they needed to show that Bryan and Brie can handle things on their own going forward. That being said, R-Truth and Carmella should have stayed out there to cheer them on, or something. Having them just gone was not a great way to end it, for them. I’m hoping that these four teams continue working together and off each other going forward, because they’ve given us so much already, and I know they have so much more to give!


Final Flush

What a great episode of SD! Yes, there were issues, but R-Truth, Bryan, Carmella, and Becky made up for the things that were not top notch. I’m really excited for HIAC at this point, other than Orton and Jeff Hardy, but they cannot make everyone happy all the time.

Queen KB