Progression To Greatness

I was really thrilled with the announce team and the number of strong female superstars who were in attendance. Okay, there was more than strong females as Funaki and Tye were there, but they need TV time too!

Honestly, I wasn’t very good about watching the May Young Challenge last time around, but I’ve decided that this season I’m going to cover the show myself to really see who these women are. I was so excited, then I watched the first match. Luckily the matches got better as the show went on, because if I’d have wanted to claw my eyes out if all the matches had been that bad.


Tegan Nox defeats Zatara

The start of this match as horrible. They were slow, talking each other through it, and it looked like two newbies who didn’t have a clue what they were doing. It looked really rough and not at all what I wanted to see from the start of this May Young Challenge. After a couple of lovely moves, they both went back to waiting for each other to actually hit their moves.

Nox sold well when here knee was being attacked, but then forgot about it much of the time, until she remembered it was supposed to be hurting her.

Zatara’s missile drop kick was beautiful, but it was almost at the end of the match and didn’t really help her when Nox hit her shining wizard for the three. Cole said Nox was his pick to win it all, but neither of these women impressed me at all in this opening match of the first round.


Rhea Ripley defeats MJ Jenkins

A much better start, and so much more personality! Okay, so MJ has personality for three people, but even more than that, they worked the ring and didn’t just slowly talk each other through stilted holds, they worked the ring, they wrestled! The whole match was solid from start to finish. The moves were decent, and there was some creativity, but still not as much as I was hoping for. That being said, it was so much better than the opening match that it’s shocking they were on the same show!

MJ is cute, so much personality, and looked decent in the ring. Her facial expressions and the way she sold with every little bit of herself, as well as hit moves with the same fervor, she could be a force in coming years. She’s young, has only been at it a year, and was trained by the Dudleys. I cannot wait to see what she grows into with another year under her belt.

Dang, Ripley is impressive! I will say that her ring gear accentuates that she’s very short waisted, but she also didn’t have to adjust her ring gear at all through the match, which is huge since MJ’s ring gear was up her bum much of the match. She’s a solid, athletic woman who knows her way around the ring and looked scary strong. Cole said she’s been compared to Charlotte, but I don’t see it, she’s a very strong woman who knows her way around the ring and works so differently from Charlotte. I hope to see them face off someday.


Lacey Lane defeats Vanessa ‘The Mountain’ Kraven

They are so different in the ring. It’s not like seeing Rey vs Big Show, but it’s a huge difference that we rarely see in the ring other than with Nia Jax. I really enjoyed watching them work back and forth, and Lane made it look believable that she could take out a competitor so much bigger, unlike Peyton over Naomi on SD this week.

What a BOTCH! Lane tried too hard to make her crazy footwork on the ropes look great and she botched it in a big way. Kraven did a great job of selling the botch, and they pulled it back together.

I kinda fell in love with Kraven in her opening video. She came across as very sweet and soft-spoken, but beautiful and really expressive. This girl has curves that made me smile because she’s just beautiful! I will admit that with the pigtails, personality, and curves, she reminds me a bit of me. I’m losing my curves as I lose weight (I’m sad about that part, but it’s all for my health), but Kraven shows them off in a way I was always nervous about. I hope we see more of her soon, because she’s been in the industry in a while, and I don’t want her to pass us by.

Lane is another Dudley girl and Cole’s wild-card pick. I love her look and her ring gear. She really looks like she belongs in the ring, in the WWE. It’s not the hair and contacts which are a bit Ember Moon, it’s her whole look, right down to the ring gear.


Meiko Satomura defeated Killer Kelly

I realized I was supposed to be writing about this match after Killer landed a really stiff kick to Meiko’s chest. The moves and the holds were stellar! The work looked stiffer than we are used to from our Raw and SD women. Not saying whether this was a good or bad thing, just what that it looked so much stiffer. Meiko is strong style, so I was expecting this. What I wasn’t expecting was Killer hitting back as hard, if not harder with that one kick to the chest. They went back and forth in a way that made me wonder how Meiko is still wrestling if she puts out this much in all her matches! This was the first match of the May Young Challenge that garnered a “This is awesome!” chant, and it more than deserved it. So glad Meiko won her first match. Nothing against Killer as I want to see more of her too. I loved the show of respect at the end of this one, it’s what it should be all about.

Meiko was in WCW, and I vaguely remember that match they showed! Holy smokes, I thought Kraven had been around for a while! That means that we could have seen her working the ring with Beth Phoenix when she worked the ring in the WWE. I’m kinda bummed that she’s not been in the ring in the USA for so long.

Killer was inspired by Kane? Well, he was born in Spain and she’s from Portugal…Yeah, I got nothing, but she’s really intense and kinda scary!


Final Take

I have to say that each match got better as the show went along. The first match was like watching the Diva Search girls try to put on a match. The middle matches was solid, fun, well executed as many matches are these days. The last match being the epitome of hard-hitting wrestling that I’d love to see every week on Raw and SD. How Meiko has worked the ring so hard and can still go at this rate is downright amazing! I hope to see her at Evolution, because she more than deserves to be there. I want to see her and Asuka in the ring together!

I cannot wait for the next episode of May Young Classic!

Queen KB