Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix Headed To WWE?

Speculation has been rampant over the last few weeks over the contract statuses of Lucha and Indy stars Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix. It’s no secret that the real-life brothers have been on WWE’s radar for some time now and if you are familiar with their body of work its easy to see why.

Two days ago, one of the many independent promotions the brothers work for Major League Wrestling (where the two men are the promotions current tag team champions)  posted a not so subtle tweet regarding their future:

Judging by this hint thrown by MLW alone, the Lucha Brothers heading to WWE next year may seem like a done deal at this point. However, Pentagon Jr made the point to deny the rumors at another Indy show yesterday according to Reddit user Cullen396 :

“I just saw Pentagon Jr retain the PCW belt, get on the mic and say he’s not going anywhere, Worked into a shoot?”

To complicate matters further, Rey Fenix won the Triple-A Mega Championship (the promotions top Title) at their biggest show of the year TripleMania just two weeks ago, and they wouldn’t have strapped somebody they didn’t think they could keep around.

So despite all the rumors currently going around, it seems the only thing for certain right now regarding Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix is that they are in high demand!

Sir Mitch Says: Personally, I hope Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix don’t sign with WWE for the simple reason that I don’t believe unique talents like them would do well in the company given its current creative direction and corporately driven culture.