4th Generation Training At Performance Center

It has come to my attention that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson‘s daughter Simone Johnson has been training at the WWE Performance Center.  As she is only 17 she’s taken some seminars and sessions there but needs to focus on finishing high school as well.  She’s been interested in pursuing the family’s business since last November and has become close friends with Zelina Vega while training at the Performace Center.


QD – Are there any 4th generation wrestlers in the industry today?  I cannot bring any to mind at this point.  I truly help this works out for her, though I worry about her being pushed because of who she is, even if she’s not good, or ready.  On the other hand, I also worry about her not being pushed, even if she is ready, because of who she is.  After Roman Reigns, I fear the former before the latter.  This teenager has a lot of weight on her shoulders going into this industry, but I know Triple H will take good care of her, the way he takes care of all the young and budding superstars who step foot into the PC.  Hopefully we will see her on Raw or SD in five years, or so.