Come Ahead, Daffy!

Buddy Murphy vs. Lince Dorado

I know, I know.  Shocking that a member of the Lucha House Party opened “205 Live”, right?  They really need to do something different.  As I’ve said before, I am sick to death of the Lucha House Party and I think they could use a break.  How it is that they have merch but Cedric doesn’t is totally mind-bending.  Okay, the match…

There is absolutely no question that both of these guys can go.  I do have to say that Metalik’s dive from the top onto the floor was a bit messy – regardless of what Nigel said.  I’m also not a fan of the matches featuring endless super kicks but that appears to just be the way things are now.  It’s totally unrealistic.  I like the story told here very much.  Lince jammed his knee and Buddy went in for the kill at the right time.  Love that Nigel also referred to Vic as “Rick”.  Oops.  The back and forth here was great.  Cedric vs. Buddy, if given enough time, will be spectacular and should even steal the show.


Backstage segment – Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, & Akira Tozawa

The acting from both of them needs serious work.  Mustafa does better with more intense stuff, it seems.  Cedric is just…Cedric.  Can’t do a thing about it apparently.  Akira was an absolute riot and made this whole thing worthwhile.


Mustafa Ali vs. Michael Thompson

Mustafa’s lighted mask is bangin’!  When they turn out the lights, he creates a really cool light show.  Hideo came out for a little fun on the mic too.  He was supposed to sound diabolical but he doesn’t know the language well enough to get that across.  This was a job match – pure and simple.  I love Mustafa’s “054” finisher.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick, Drew Gulak, & Jack Gallagher

This was fun.  I love that they addressed Drake’s role as AOP’s manager.  Drew and Jack are always a scream so this was fun.  Short, but fun.


Cinéma de iPhone – Noam Dar

He’s hilarious!  I love his accent and his mannerisms.  He’s an absolute scream.


Cinéma de iPhone – Lio Rush

They come no better on “205 Live” and not much better in all of WWE.  He’s just so full of personality.  Plus, he’s got merch now!


Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa

Joint manipulation is always fun.  All the British wrestlers do it and it tells a great story – especially when the other guy sells it.  Cedric sold it well so it worked.  Akira is just more fun than should be allowed.  I was really hoping for an Akira/Lio feud.  Maybe we’ll get that later.  Why they took Akira away from Titus Worldwide I will never understand.  He was perfection with Titus & Apollo.  He was also the Tasmanian Tozawa in this match.  He just wouldn’t stop.  Of course, Drew decided to take a piece from Cedric and that happened outside to create the finishing sequence.  Cedric showed such heart at the end of the match.  Why it never make it to the mic makes no sense.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick

Now we’ll get Drake vs. Cedric for the title next week.  As they’ve been pushing Cedric vs. Buddy so hard for the Australian show and it’ll be in Buddy’s home territory, I seriously doubt the title will change hands next week.

Speaking of next week, see you then for another “Pickup”!